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All About That Vape

All About That Vape

Vaping seems to have exploded onto the scene recently, with more and more people indulging in vaping than ever before. Whether they’re hoping to quit traditional cigarettes, they’re wanting to reduce their monthly spend or they’re simply wanting to look cool, it seems that vaping is here to stay. You’ll find a wide range of vaping products here at 88Vape – check them out. But how much do you know about the humble e-cig?

Read on for 7 facts about vaping you probably didn’t know.

Vaping is older than you think.

You might think that vaping is something wholly modern and is the brainchild of a long-haired hipster. However, you’d be wrong! Vaping, although now modernised is actually a technique used by the ancients, who would vape herbs for medicinal purposes. I’m sure you’ve heard of Shisha? Again, another ancient practice with the same methods and practices that was founded in India over a thousand years ago and not a hipster in sight!

The idea of an e-cig began in the 1920s.

So, what about the contemporary model? Well, you’ll have to turn the clock back to almost 100 years to 1927, where a man called Joseph Robinson first patented what he called a Mechanical Butane Ignition Vaporizer. Fast forward to 1963 and Herbert Gilbert put forward his patent for his e-cigarette – it was then that the interest around vaping increased.

A new model was created after the death of a loved one.

In the early 00s, a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik lost his father to lung cancer and as a heavy smoker himself, he hoped to quit for good. It was his idea to place a lithium battery into a tube and use a nicotine solution to create the smoking high that he enjoyed. And thus, the modernisation of the e-cig was born.

What the “e” stands for.

The “e” in e-cig stands for electronic. A simple fact that not everyone is familiar with!

Vaping is a competitive sport.

Believe it or not, vaping is actually a very competitive and internationally recognised sport. These events usually centre around competitors known as “cloud chasers”. These people will usually perform outrageous and complex tricks with the vapour they emit from their e-cigs, all for a large cash prize. And you’ll find the World Series of Vaping is held in Las Vegas every single year!

It can save you money.

You’re probably familiar with the staggering cost of traditional cigarettes. With high prices often used as deterrents for potential younger smokers looking to try nicotine products. However, vaping products are incredibly cheaper by comparison and if you’re already a smoker then it’s a great way to save a little money on your habit each month.

Celebs do it too!

From paparazzi shots to poolside parties, a whole host of famous faces have been pictured enjoying vape products. Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry and even Jack Nicholson are all famous in their own right, but they also enjoy vaping products just like the rest of us!


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