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LD Spirituality // The Meaning Of Angel Numbers

LD Spirituality // The Meaning Of Angel Numbers

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen me banging on about Angel Numbers on many an occasion. 

I am crazily into anything and everything a little bit spiritual and mystical, I could tell you exactly when the next full moon will fall and what new moon we’re currently in (Virgo, if you’re interested) and I bloody love anything to do with Angel Numbers. So much so, that my 9 year old and one of his best friends now all shout out when they see Angel Numbers, wherever they are, which pleases my best friend greatly! 

Angel Numbers 

Have you ever found yourself seeing the same numbers over and over again? Or, more importantly, the same numbers repeated? The most famous of Angel Numbers is 11:11, but they’re all just as important as each other, and all have their own meanings. 

I, without fail, every single day will spot 15:15, 16:16, and 20:20. My husband likes to think it’s because I’ve primed my brain to look at the clock at those times, but I disagree (naturally!) and, besides, I even see them on clocks which are set to the wrong time, I see them on TV, in books, it’s all magical you see! 

Side note, whenever I text my husband at one of the Angel times, eg: 15:15! He will wait precisely one minute and text back “15:16” because he’s annoying like that. 


These Angel Numbers all have their own messages, and the fact that they’re repeating is designed to grab your attention, so you’ll find out what that message is and maybe lead yourself to an answer you’ve been searching for. For example, the meaning behind 222 is telling you to sit up and take note – the Universe is trying to get your attention! 

222 often appears when doubts, anxiety or fear has begun to creep into your mind, and you’re avoiding doing the work you need to. So practice self-trust and believe in your intuition!

Whereas the number 1515 is all about having a positive outlook and focussing on the things that really matter. This message is trying to get you to think about the good things you want to achieve in life, and think about them a lot, because then you’re well on the road to manifesting them. See? Bloody.Magical! 

If you’ve ever wondered what the meanings are behind these numbers, you can google them pretty much instantly and you’ll be sucked into a whole world of meaning. Or maybe that’s just me. 

What Angel numbers are you always spotting? 



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