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Moving into the first home that you own when you’ve been living in rented accommodation is exciting, but it can be daunting too. Being a homeowner means having a variety of responsibilities that you didn’t have before, from paying a mortgage to maintenance for your property. When you’re planning your move, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. It’s a costly and time-consuming exercise, so anything that makes it easier is good for you. If you want to get organised and settle into…

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LD Home // Let There Be Light!

On the 28th October the clocks will go back (spring forward, fall back – it’s the only way I can remember it) and that means we’re going to get into the cosy lighting stage of the year. 

You know, when it gets dark early and we need hundreds of beautiful scented candles to light the way. 

Don’t tell me that’s just me. I won’t believe you. 

I am candle obsessed. Obsessed I tell you. I have at least 3 in every room. Some haven’t been used (yet) because their first burn has to be for a minimum of 4 hours, otherwise they’ll never burn evenly and that is highly annoying. If you’re a candle rebel and don’t follow this rule, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. 

Obviously, you can’t live you whole life by candlelight. Because, well, it would be dangerous no? Imagine – chopping up the veggies for a roast in the dark. All kinds of accidents waiting to happen. So, you know, lightbulbs and all that. 

We’re (I say we, I mean me) trying to go greener now we’ve moved. We have more room for recycle & food bins. I’m trying to use my tumble dryer less, grow my own herbs more, and, I am desperately trying to reduce the amount of energy we use (and money we spend!)

LED Hut have a huge range of LED bulbs which are meant to be money saving geniuses – so we’re all over that. I am not, and never will be a fan of energy saving bulbs that take 3 hours to increase to a level bright enough to actually see what you’re doing, but I’m sure we’re coming on leaps and bounds in that area. 

There’s certainly a time and a place for low level lighting, but there’s also times when you need bright and beautiful. Our dining room for example, is now a place for romantic dinners for two (if we ever get to be alone again) and homework battle central. We have a GCSE’r in the family this year (holy crapping hell) and all the revision is being done downstairs, in the dining room, where I can make sure it’s going to plan. So the candles go out and the big lights go on. 

We almost need a few different light settings for each room – depending on what’s happening in there. And of course, we need a few more candles and a very lovely lampshade to compliment the new dining room…..




LD Spirituality // The Meaning Of Angel Numbers

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen me banging on about Angel Numbers on many an occasion. 

I am crazily into anything and everything a little bit spiritual and mystical, I could tell you exactly when the next full moon will fall and what new moon we’re currently in (Virgo, if you’re interested) and I bloody love anything to do with Angel Numbers. So much so, that my 9 year old and one of his best friends now all shout out when they see Angel Numbers, wherever they are, which pleases my best friend greatly! 

Angel Numbers 

Have you ever found yourself seeing the same numbers over and over again? Or, more importantly, the same numbers repeated? The most famous of Angel Numbers is 11:11, but they’re all just as important as each other, and all have their own meanings. 

I, without fail, every single day will spot 15:15, 16:16, and 20:20. My husband likes to think it’s because I’ve primed my brain to look at the clock at those times, but I disagree (naturally!) and, besides, I even see them on clocks which are set to the wrong time, I see them on TV, in books, it’s all magical you see! 

Side note, whenever I text my husband at one of the Angel times, eg: 15:15! He will wait precisely one minute and text back “15:16” because he’s annoying like that. 


These Angel Numbers all have their own messages, and the fact that they’re repeating is designed to grab your attention, so you’ll find out what that message is and maybe lead yourself to an answer you’ve been searching for. For example, the meaning behind 222 is telling you to sit up and take note – the Universe is trying to get your attention! 

222 often appears when doubts, anxiety or fear has begun to creep into your mind, and you’re avoiding doing the work you need to. So practice self-trust and believe in your intuition!

Whereas the number 1515 is all about having a positive outlook and focussing on the things that really matter. This message is trying to get you to think about the good things you want to achieve in life, and think about them a lot, because then you’re well on the road to manifesting them. See? Bloody.Magical! 

If you’ve ever wondered what the meanings are behind these numbers, you can google them pretty much instantly and you’ll be sucked into a whole world of meaning. Or maybe that’s just me. 

What Angel numbers are you always spotting? 



Every year, I find myself eagerly waiting to find out the Pantone chart for the colour trends due that season, and although this years choice was more of a lime shade than emerald green, there’s no denying that this rich forest colour is making a bold impression in the interiors world.

Those a bit shy of colour may find the idea of investing in something so bold a little scary, but there’s really no need. Here are my top ways to incorporate elegant emerald green pieces into any space.

A Feature Wall

LD Style// Shade Of The Season - Emerald Green

Easy to do yourself and, actually, quite an inexpensive way to revamp a tired room, creating a deep emerald feature wall is really simple with a few licks of paint. I love this rich shade by trusty Dulux; it glides on beautifully and is stain resistant – ideal if you’ve got little ones with sticky fingers running about!

A Bold Green Sofa

LD Style// Shade Of The Season - Emerald Green

Green sofas are going to be all the rage this season, and I’ve wanted one for ages! My favourites are the, plush velvet designs, and I’m particularly partial to a traditional Chesterfield to really add a show-stopping finish to a living room. Because I love a bit of show stopping! 

If you do decide to indulge in a glorious green sofa, my one bit of advice, if you don’t like too much colour, would be to keep the rest of the room almost plain and pared-back to really let your couch take centre stage.

Emerald Accessories

For decorating wallflowers, there are always subtle emerald-hued accessories. These oh so tasteful tea light holders look effortlessly chic dotted around a coffee table or sideboard.

Likewise, I’ve fallen head over heels for these striking velvet cushions from Ikea. And at this price, you can probably (definitely) invest in a handful to scatter on your sofa or bed for an instant luxurious update. Or both!

Tasteful Tiles

I first spotted emerald tiling on my daily browse on Pinterest. Used primarily in bathrooms, gorgeous green tiles lend an undeniably glamorous vibe to your W.C.

Matched with millennial pink, my mind instantly drifts to 1950s Miami – I’m thinking of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hollywood film stars from times gone by, and all the other kitsch interiors inspiration that I love. A trend I’m definitely going to try in my own home.

Image Source: Sofa /Walls 


So Long Summer, Welcome Home Autumn

Call me basic all you like. It’s a hat I shall take and wear with pride. If, like me, this next season we’re just dipping our toes into, is your favourite of all seasons, you too, are basic. 

Autumn is MY season. 

Being a pale skinned, freckly redhead, summer is just too much for me. If we’re in the midst of a heatwave and the entire country is outside having lunchtime drinks in the pub, spending the day on the beach or wearing as little clothing as possible without being arrested, I am the person who has to be inside between the hours of 12-3pm. The one who has to take SO much stuff to the beach just to ensure she doesn’t leave with blistered skin and heatstroke, the one who has to wear more clothing to cover her skin in Summer than she does to keep warm in Autumn. 

Ya see? No fun. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the few days where we’re all revelling in the fact that there’s “not a cloud in the sky” and yes, this summer was pretty damn epic. The World Cup, Love Island, the never ending heatwave…. 2018 did good. 

But I’m over it now (call me fickle as well as basic if you like) Autumn is approaching and I am all up in the queue for a Pumpkin Spiced Latte wearing my ankle boots and rocking a lightweight knit. 

So Long Summer, Welcome Home Autumn

Autumn trumps Summer

What To Wear? 

May I remind you of that week or so in July where you could not and would not wear anything more than a pair of a knickers and a fan attached to your body. Remember that feeling? I do. The thought of putting jeans on was akin to torture that none of us could face because we hadn’t slept in 5 days due to the temperature being the same as it is IN HELL. 

There’s none of that worry with Autumn dressing. None I tell you. Wearing jeans is comfortable again. You can still rock the dresses, just this time you can throw on a pair of tights and ankle boots and maybe even a light leather jacket. There’s still the need for sunglasses, but they’re paired with a scarf. Converse are just as welcome as boots, snuggly pj’s can be worn all day Sunday and drying your hair no longer feels like you’re being blasted by a jet engine inside a volcano. 

Food & Drink 

Ahhh. Food. One of my favourite things ever. I love a salad, I really do. But good god I am sick of eating cold food. I want casseroles and roast dinners. Jacket potatoes, pasta and hot curries. In fact, my dream right now is a cold, sunny walk, blowing the cobwebs away ending with a proper pub roast dinner, in front of an open fire drinking a good glass of wine. Tell me I’m wrong? 

And don’t even get me started on coconut hot chocolates from Pret and PSL from Starbucks. Living. The. Dream. 

Stay On My Face

I have oily skin. On the one hand this means I have spots well into my (mid) 30’s but it also means I should hopefully look a bit younger than my dry skinned friends. But. When you pair oily skin with 90 degrees heat and make up, the end result is a little less Marilyn Monroe and a bit more Marilyn Manson. I don’yt want to cart around my entire make up bag to retouch every half an hour. I want to put my make up on and I want it to bloody stay there. I’m also very much craving the dark, glossy nails that are appearing in all the magazines. I’m done with pink! 

An Autumn Social Butterfly

Summer is not the only time for socialisation. Oh no. It might well be the perfect time to snuggle on the sofa with a mac and cheese watching all the episodes of The Handmaids Tale you’ve missed due to bloody summer interruptions, but it’s also the perfect time for those pub lunches I’ve mentioned, cosy cinema trips, movie nights, coastal walks and art galleries. And, I might be alone here, but those rooftop bars that look amazing on a hot, balmy night? They look pretty damn amazing with a massive blanket and hot cocktails too. It’s all just bloody brilliant. 

TV Central 

Do I even need to list them? The Bodyguard (uh, hello amazing series, please hurry up next week!) X-Factor, Strictly, Wanderlust, Press, GBBO – there is SO MUCH ON TV! Pass me the remote, the blanket and the giant chocolate bar – I am set! 

Colour Co-Ordination

I’m a redhead. I literally match the Autumnal leaves. It’s quite clearly *my* season. OK, so it might rain a bit and the evenings start to get darker, earlier. But all of that just makes it that little bit cosier, more romantic. Once we’ve got through the first two weeks of September, getting everyone back to school and in a routine, it’ll be Halloween before we know it and you all know what that means…. Christmas is just around the corner! 

Come on Autumn, I’ve been waiting for you!