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Well, surprise surprise Little Man now has chicken pox. Poor little thing is covered, his face has been hit the most, although he is still gorgeous!

He’s really been struggling to sleep, and so have I come to think of it! It seems calpol and piriton don’t help much, and the only thing that makes him feel better is throwing himself around in the cot in the vain hope of stopping the itch, or being walked around the living room with the extractor fan running.

We shared a bed last night and poor hubby slept on the floor, so we did manage a few more hours than the previous night, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed he will have a better night tonight.

Excuse the short and boring blog update today! I promise to be much more entertaining next time, Little miss and I are making Christmas decorations over the weekend, visiting Santa (first time for little man, and they’re both spotty! I’m sure Santa will understand!?) and maybe even attempting some sort of xmasy cakes!

Let the festivities begin!!!



As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this blog, someone has the dreaded pox! Poor little miss is covered from head to toe, literally.

She went to bed monday night complaining of a headache, but generally quite well, then at 4am tuesday morning (as hubs was feeding little man) she came flying into the living room crying her eyes out. After a cuddle I felt how hot she was and was getting a bit worried. Then, the digital thermometer started to do a strange beep and flash and was showing a temp of 41.8, so at this point I really did start to worry!

We decided to call NHS direct as swine flu seems to be going round her school at the moment and we didn’t to risk any delays.

NHS direct were fab, and got a doctor to call us back pretty much straight away. The doctor thought it sounded more like a severe ear infection (ear pain, neck pain, headache and very high temp) so told us to take her into the local hospital to be checked. IF she did have swine flu she would be given a face mask to wear. God.

Hubs took her to the hospital, I stayed home with little man, A; because we didn’t want to take him out in the cold and into a hospital full of sick people, and B; because I hate that hospital with a vengence (a whole other blog post!) Luckily she was seen very fast, and, big sigh of relief, chicken pox!

She left the house spot free (otherwise even I would have spotted it!) and came back with 4 behind her ear and a few on her neck. Over the next few hours it was like spot the spot! They were actually popping up in front of our eyes!

She (and we!) spent most of tuesday sleeping, but each time she woke up, she had more spots. I would say she now has around 100 on her face and neck alone. Strangely enough her right cheek is completely clear?!

The itching has started now, so has the grumps. I can’t say I blame her though! Who would be happy with that!?

We’re now faced with the dilema of little man. Do we purposely expose him to it and hope he gets a mild case out of the way, or do we avoid it and hope he gets it later!? In all honesty, I’m hoping he doesn’t get it, and then I will be paying for the chicken pox vaccine. WHY it’s not offered routinely I will never know, what point is there making a child suffer for no reason? If I had known about it before I would have marched Little Miss straight there to get her vaccinated.

Sorry little miss.

Get well soon bubba. We love you lots.



Ok, so technically this was taken on a Friday, but I was far too busy to post this yesterday! 15 kids, 3 babies and 7 adults were round for a late birthday party, early halloween party!!

Hubs took some amazing pictures, but my favourite by far is this one, my two spooky babies.


The party went very well, all the children had a great time, lots of noise, food, party games, presents and laughing! (Along with some headache tablets, lots of tea and a few OH MY GOD moments for the parents!)

Next year, somebody remind me just how much noise they made…..



I just wanted to share a few more pictures of my gorgeous children!

Can’t quite beieve how lucky I am!! Don’t we make perfect babies!?

Mr Man’s first ever go in a big trolley! Excuse the crooked hat, he was going for a half tilt look I think!!

Nando’s for dinner on LM’s birthday! She’s having chicken and chips, he’s having garlic bread and chips!! (Stolen from Bisters plate!!)

And last but not least, just how brothers and sisters should be.



Yup, 3 in a row!

Monday was also a special day for Mr Man. He got his first pair of baby shoes from Clarks!!

With Little Miss we missed crawling shoes completely as her feet were too big for them! She had to go straight to walkers even though she was crawling, so this time I was determined to get the crawlers at any cost!

Bluewater Clarks had the shoes we liked, but not in his size. Like his Bister, he also has big feet! 2.5 H to be exact, and apparently baby shoes don’t really come in that size! So, John Lewis and Russell & Bromley kids drew a blank too, we legged it under the bridge to Lakeside. (Feels like I’m cheating on Bluewater, not good!) We did check first of course, and yes, they had his shoes in his size! It’s like baby cinderella!!!

We got there, and Mr Man decided it was a good time for a nap, so mean mummy had to wake him up to try the shoes on and get the picture card to keep! And I think you’ll agree he looks gorgeous in them!!


Oh. Dear. God.

Mr Man has decided that sitting up and rolling over is not enough for him. Oh no. Crawling is much more fun. Backwards to be precise. Not very helpful when he is trying to go forwards to get a toy and ends up miles away from it instead! (quite funny the first few times for me though!!)

Mr Man is not yet 7 months old, so I think it’s quite early for movement like this. He’s up on all fours and rocking back and forth, then goes full speed, backwards!!

Watch out world when he figures out how to go forward!!



Little man muttered (shouted) his first word this week! Well, I say word but really it’s more like a row of sounds but all mummy’s know that it’s classed as a word!!

After little miss’ first word was Dad-dad-dad-dad I was looking forward to little man’s being mum-mum but, nope! He too chose to pick Daddy first! It’s not really fair is it?! Especially as Daddy wasn’t even here at the time!! But, whatever the word, he said it! At first it sounded like his normal shouty chatter, lots of raspberries added in and hand waving, but then he did it again, and again and again!!

Little miss and I gave him a very big clap and lots of smiling, which of course got him very excited and he did it for a good ten minutes!! Clever little boy!!

My little man is growing up fast. He’s almost 6 months old, that’s a whole half a year he’s been in our lives, and yet it feels like it’s been forever.

Two gorgeous little people home grown by me! (yes, my trumpet is being self blown!!)

Now, I need to get him to practice the M sound, after me little man, MUMMY…….! 😉



How does it go? Day 2 in the big blogger house…..? No? I don’t even like BB that much, no idea why I said that!!

I thought I’d add a picture of my gorgeous little family to my blog today. Have a play about and get used to what I’m doing! (No idea really but I hide it well, don’t I!?)

I tell you what, whoever said weekends go too quick, clearly don’t have a bored 6 year old and a full on fidgety 5 month old! Honestly! This weekend has been the longest ever! Even a trip to toys r us didn’t kill the boredom for long! Betty Spaghetty can only entertain for so long!!

Luckily, the next few weekends, madam social butterfly has 3 parties to attend! So at least one of us will be having fun! Poor little man will have to put up with mummy doing her best impression of Beyonce in the kitchen all by himself!!

So, here we are……