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On Tuesday night, little miss had me in hysterics, and not intentionally!

Hubby and I were about to sit down to an Indian meal from Tesco, little miss & little man had already had their dinner earlier that evening.

As she saw what we had, she asked if she could have a…..

Wait for it….

An Argie bhaji!!!

Oh yes!! I did indeed nearly choke on my dinner, but how could I refuse!?

I’ll never look at an onion bhaji in the same way again!



I know this blog is about my babies (mostly) but my Mum is a very important part of our family, so I couldn’t let this special day go without mentioning her. (She is my biggest blog fan and regularly tells me when I need to update it!)

My mum has always been my best friend, even when I was younger she would be the first person I turned to, and still is. I don’t think I ever had a problem I couldn’t talk to her about, and she always understood, even if I didn’t like the advice she gave me, you can bet it was right anyway!

When I was pregnant with Little Miss, she made it special, and it felt like we were pregnant together! She was even my birthing partner with hubby and gave little miss her first kiss. The relationship between them is amazing, Little Miss & Nanny are trouble when they get together! Now with Little Man here as well, he’s as equally in love with her, especially when she flutters her lashes at him! He goes into a trance!

Now I’m a mum, I think I appreciate my Mum even more, she has three children and has done a fantastic job, she never moans, and she would put any one of her children before her, and would still spend all night worrying about us, even when the eldest is in her forties!

Basically, my Mum is one in a million. She is my best friend, the person I look up to, she’s an amazing Nanny, and the person I trust to look after my children bar none. She made me the person I am today, which underneath it all, I hope isn’t too bad!

If I can be half the Mum to my babies, that she has been, and is, to me, then my children are very lucky.

Happy Mothers Day Mum. I love you.



I couldn’t post about my little man without mentioning my little miss, my bestest friend and my mini-me!

She’s been poorly this last week, see here, but as always, she’s forever smiling. This little miss is going to grow up to be an amazing woman, and I am already beyond proud of her.



My little man is 1 in a week and a half. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that a few times already! But honestly, it’s like I’m shocked. I’m pretty sure I was at the birth, so the date is not a surprise! But it’s come round so fast! And all of a sudden he seems so much more “grown up”

He had to have a haircut on Thursday as his hair grows quite fast. This is his 2nd chop!!

This is him before:


And after!:

I hope you’ll agree he is absolutely bloody gorgeous! When I go into get him in the morning, I forget he’s had his hair cut and it’s like looking at it for the first time again! I think he looks so grown up! My baby is now a toddler.



OK. Listen up. If you see this sign somewhere in your local supermarket and you DON’T have a bump/baby/toddler/small child then keep on driving.

I don’t care if it’s raining, snowing, if you’re tired, you have a lot of bags, you’re running late, you only had a “few” things to get. Whatever your excuse is, it’s not good enough.

These spaces are designed to make shopping with a small person just a tiny bit easier. If you had a child with you, you’d understand why that is so welcome.

So, get out of that space and use one of the other 500 or so in the car park. Those things hanging out from the bottom of your body, they’re called legs, use them.

Rant over.

Thank you.



Taking photos!

Having a photographer for a husband does have it’s perks sometimes, and today was one of those days. He set up the studio in our kitchen and we now have some gorgeous pictures of little miss & little man! (and a few of us two as well!)

It was great fun, little miss loved having her photo taken and posing as much as possible and even little man got into the spirit of things! Here are a few of my favourite pictures…

I’m sure you’ll agree they look fab, and I have a very clever hubby.



Just while I’m on a roll!

Not sure if any of you have noticed, but we’ve had a little snow the last week!?

So, here is a picture of my gorgeous Holly & me out on the aerodrome, freezing? Yes! Fun? Absolutley!



My clever little boy has learnt lots of new things in the last couple of weeks!

He can now cruise round the furniture one handed (won’t be long until he’s walking at this rate!)

Wave hello and goodbye! (He has two waves, a bit like the queen) One is a small turn of the fingers and the other is a big “wavey” wave! Depending on his mood you could get either!

Clapping! All of a sudden he’s started clapping! He’s always been very musical, the type of baby who can’t control it! As soon as he hears music, that’s it, he’s off bouncing and swaying his head in time to the music! But now he can clap along to it as well! He is very proud of this achievement, and even more so when his claps make lots of noise!!

My baby is growing up very fast, 74 days until he is 1!? This time last year I was the size of a large house, very excited about my lovely birth I had planned! (Little did I know!) ((WHOLE other blog post there)) but, 10 months down the line, my perfect little boy is growing and thriving.

Somebody said to me today on twitter that we make gorgeous children. Yup, we certainly do!!!