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25 Things Only Girls With A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

1: Washing your hair is not a quick 5 minute job. It takes time to work up the energy to do it, never mind actually doing it. 

2: Dry shampoo is your friend throughout the week, but you need a permanent supply because standard bottles last a matter of days. 

3: Whacking it up in a ponytail isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are so many factors to consider. Hairbands that can take the weight, the right angle so you don’t feel like you’re pulling your hair from it’s roots and don’t even get me started on headaches. 

4: Having a steamy shower sounds fun, just don’t get my hair wet OK? 

25 Things Only Girls With A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

5: Damp weather = massive hair. 

6: Hot weather = massive hair. 

7: There is nowhere you can put your mane to help cool down when you’re hot. Nowhere. You may as well be wearing a wooly hat. 

8: People will always tell you you have a lot of hair. Like you’ve never noticed. 

9. On hair wash days you know you have to get up 2 hours earlier to make it presentable for work. Are you prepared to do that? No. So you go to bed with wet hair and hope for the best. 

10: When you go to bed with wet hair you’re not stupid enough to expect it to be dry in the morning. That is for people with normal amounts of hair. 

25 Things Only Girls With A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

11: Layers are not always your friend. Find a hairdresser who gets this and doesn’t insist on chopping into your hair to ‘remove some weight’. 

12: Same with thinning scissors. Don’t even come near me with those. 

13: A messy bun isn’t as easy as it sounds with this much hair. 

25 Things Only Girls With A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

14: There is a real possibility you may strange yourself at night. 

15: Your hair will magically find itself under your armpits while you sleep. Rendering you trapped. 

16: If you manage to lay on it in a certain way, you’ll be trapped again. Unable to lift your head OR your upper body. 

17: If anything manages to fly into your hair, good luck getting it out again. 

18: You get through shampoo and conditioner quicker than Corrie gets through drama. 

19: The amount of hair that comes out when you wash it doesn’t seem to affect the thickness AT ALL. HOW?? 

25 Things Only Girls With A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

20: Blocked shower drains are your speciality.

21: Special events mean special do’s which means spending money. You don’t have the skills or arm strength for anything other than straight or wild.  

22: Wearing a coat, a scarf, a bag AND your hair is akin to a challenge on the Krypton Factor. 

23: Don’t attempt to use your sunglasses as a way of keeping your hair off your face. Unless you enjoy looking like cousin IT when you try to remove them. 

25 Things Only Girls With A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

24: Shutting the car door while it’s windy isn’t as easy as it sounds. But it’s a lot more painful than you’d think. 

25: If someone listens to these moans and dare suggests you cut it, you are INCENSED and wonder why the hell you’re friends with someone like that. 



Not that I’m planning on dying any time soon. Just, ya know, eventually. If I have to. 

I’m turning 38 on Monday and, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m getting older, or if I’m maturing (ha, never!) but it’s making me a little bit introspective. 

I did a whole ’30 at 30′ list when I was about to change decades but, I can’t even remember what those things were. They were obviously important at the time, but now? Who knows! That’s the thing about writing a huge list of ‘must do’s’ – by the time you reach the bottom of the list, you’ve changed and what was important, isn’t anymore. 

The Goal Is To Die With Memories Not Dreams

What’s important to me has changed, it used to be, dare I say it, quite shallow. I’m not going to lie, I always wanted to do what everyone else was doing, you know, FOMO. 

It was more of a case of me looking at someones life through rose tinted glasses, which made my own life seem like a pile of crap. And yes, written down now, it sounds utterly ridiculous. But that’s where I was.

If Jane was going on about her wonderful (5th) holiday of the year on the hell hole that is Facebook, I would be in my little bitter world wondering why the hell we weren’t on any holiday, never mind another one.

I’d completely skip past what the rest of Janes life was like and compare my ENTIRE life to her one highlight reel. 

Because I was a dick. 

But then I woke up/grew up whatever you want to call it. And realised, what I have, right now, I wouldn’t swap for anything. You can take the fancy holidays, the permanently child free weekends, the whatever else it was I thought I wanted, because I wouldn’t swap my life for any of it. 

The Goal Is To Die With Memories Not Dreams

Now I’m all growed up, my dreams have changed. Of course I still want to travel & holiday – there’s so much of the world I want to see, so many places I want to take the kids, to help shape their lives and show them things they might never know about otherwise. 

There are things I want to do with the husband while we’re still young enough to appreciate it. I don’t want us to work our entire adult lives so that we can afford a few years of retirement – I want to do all of those things before we’re old, so we have all our life left to look back on those memories and remember them. 

The Goal Is To Die With Memories Not Dreams

Life is so short. It’s not something you appreciate to start with, as a teenager everything seems to drag, waiting to leave school, to go to college, to move out, to earn money. I can see it all through my teenager now. She’s on that cusp of almost becoming an adult but still very much a child. I can feel how impatient she is to finish school and ‘finally’ start life and I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. 

Only it wasn’t, it was 21 years ago. And that scares the shit out of me!

Where have those 21 years gone? How have they gone so fast? Will the next 21 go that fast and, before I know it, I’ll be almost 60 and still waiting to tick things off a so called bucket list? 

Life doesn’t wait for you. It carries on around you, whatever you’re doing. If you’re out there making memories or being all Bitter Betty. Nothing gets paused, nothing slows down so you can catch up. Time keeps ticking by, it’s just up to you whether you take part in it or not. 

Memories can be made in the simplest of moments, or on the holiday of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters who you’re with, what you’re doing and how you feel in that moment. 

I’m all about making memories. 


[AD: This is not a paid for or sponsored post. Products featured are press samples]

Time Bomb: Powerball Intensive Moisturiser Review

I am a huge fan of Time Bomb skincare. You may remember the last product I used, the Complexion Cocktail Shot, which (cough) I may have thought you had to drink. (Disclaimer, you did not have to drink it).

Well, here’s a new product to my radar, the Powerball Intensive Moisturiser

It says on the blurb it’s the first sustainable moisture surge to defeat dehydration. Which kind of grabbed my attention because my face is more dehydrated than, a dehydrated thing. 

The breakthrough technology defeats dehydration by flooding the skin with a power-house blend of 21 natural hydrating agents that act on every level, refilling, reviving and retaining. 

We all know to get hydrated we need to have water, which makes up 64% of your skins cell structure. So, without it, the cell is depleted and less plump. Plump is a good word for skin. 

Powerball has Ectoin, which is a water-hoarding protein known to enable organisms to thrive in harsh, arid climates. Nothing like the UK at the moment, but if it can work there, it can work here. It also contains Trehalose which protects skin in sub-zero weather. The faithful (and quite frankly amazing) Hyaluronic Acid is partnered with Aqua Cell Complex to deliver a powerful surge of hydration to help fill vital water reserves and to guard against epidermal water loss, leaving the skin plump (there it is again) moisturised, smooth and supple. 

Time Bomb: Powerball Intensive Moisturiser Review

It feels quite light when you scoop it out of it’s beautiful little ball, but it’s not! It’s rich and it lives up to it’s name – it really is powerful! I have been using it after cleansing in the evening, despite using my cleansing oil, my face has still felt tight and stretched, the constant in and out of central heated building, into blasts of cold wind and whatever else the British weather likes to throw at us during these months has really wrecked my skin this year, but this bad boy tackled that head on. 

My face felt like it was being nourished, for want of a less cheesy word, good old Hyaluronic Acid, and it continued to feel like that all the way through until the morning. 

I love it! 

You can find Time Bomb at QVC and www.timebombco.com – Powerball Intensive Moisturiser costs £37.00 for 45ml. 



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Hair Review: Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Range

My hair is like my comfort blanket, my ‘thing, my trademark if you like. It’s long (really long), it’s ginger and it’s very important I use the right products for it because (like me) it’s getting on a bit and needs looking after. 

I’ve tried so many different shampoo and conditioners, all in the hope of finding one that’s reasonably cheap but does the best job. A; because I have so much hair, I get through quite a lot of product each month and B; because I also have a teenager with just as much hair as me. So you know, money. 

What I’ve found out however, is, you get what you spend when it comes to haircare. I have thick, coarse hair, and, as I’ve mentioned, a lot of it.

When it dries naturally, depending on it’s mood, it can either take on a wavy, carefree kind of attitude, or it can take on a dragged through a hedge backwards look. 

You can guess which happens most often I’m sure. 

Philip Kingsley recently got in touch and asked if I’d like to try the Re-Moisturizing range, which has been designed for coarse textured, or very wavy, curly or frizzy hair. Hello me in a sentence! 

Philip Kingsley is like the Don of Hair. I’ve long been a fan of his Elasticizer, the pre shampoo treatment, which just seems to breathe life into my locks like nothing else on this planet.

I even prefer it to in salon treatments like Olaplex and I try to use it at least once a week, which, as you can imagine, is an expensive habit to have! (Top tip, QVC!)


Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Range

The Re-Moisturizing products deliver moisture to transform coarse hair from dry and frizzy, to soft, smooth and shiny. They add control and weight to aid styling, making it perfect for coarse hair that doesn’t hold a style, and reduces breakage caused by snapping. The Re-Moisturizing Shampoo contains the same ingredient as Elazticizer, Hydrolyzed Elastin, which increases hairs ability to stretch, meaning less breakage occurs.

The Re-Moisturizing Conditioner deeply penetrates the hair strands to leave coarse, frizzy hair smooth and shiny. It contains Oat Proteins to improve hair texture, making coarser hair types easier to manage. It also increases moisture retention so hair is left nourished and glossy throughout the day.

I absolutely love the smell of these products. It took me a while to work out what it reminded me of, but I eventually settled on roses. It smells like a rose perfume, which I’m a huge fan of. 

After the first use, my hair didn’t necessarily feel any different but it did dry better, had a nicer ‘shape’ if that’s the right word, and didn’t get as greasy as quick, which is something I’ve found with other products designed for my hair type.

But, with each wash, it’s felt better and better. The ends feel less brittle and even when I leave it to dry naturally, they still feel fairly soft which is a massive difference. 

When I straighten my hair, it’s so much easier to get through, there’s a lot less pulling and dragging needed and I can probably do my whole head in less than 20 minutes, which is a bloody life saver on a work morning when I realise I’m rocking a birds nest, it’s 6am and I have half an hour to sort it! 

I can’t imagine I’ll stop using this anytime soon. The original bottles I was sent were 250ml and I think they lasted just under a month, so I invested in the huge, 1000ml bottles, which come with a pump. I’m hoping they will last a good few months! 

Hair Review: Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Range



[AD: This is not a paid for or sponsored post. Products featured are press samples] THE WINTER HAND CARE CHALLENGE WITH GREEN PEOPLE

Green People is one of my favourite skincare brands around, because of their approach to being organic, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive skin. Something which, in this age, should be standard and easy for huge companies to achieve.

I’ve loved all of the Green People products I’ve tried, including the teenage range, so when they got in touch asking if I’d like to take on the Winter Hand Care Challenge with them, my response was obvious! 

My hands are always dry, sometimes so dry they get sore and feel really tight. It doesn’t help that I pick the skin around my nails when I’m stressed or anxious, and so, when the skin is already dry, it’s a lot easier to pick and then it gets even more painful. It’s a bit of a vicious circle! 

To add to this, drier hands always appear older, which I hate. But, I have a huge issue in that I generally dislike hand cream. I’m quite fussy, in that I need it to be super moisturising but not greasy – it always leaves me feeling like my hands are dirty, so I need to wash them, defeating the object of putting the hand cream on in the first place. 


The idea of the challenge was quite simple, I was sent a Green People Manuka & Lemon Tree Hand Wash with two tubes of Manuka & Lemon Tree Hand Creams, one for my bag and one for at home. I was asked to use them both together for a month to see how it worked, in the hope that they would breathe some life (moisture) back into my old lady hands! 


The hand wash is 100% organic and is made with 80% certified organic ingredients. It kills bacteria quickly, thanks to Australian Tea Tree and New Zealand Manuka – the smell is incredible, it’s really fresh and summery, the word I want to use is ‘zingy’ if that helps! (300ml £13)


The Manuka & Lemon Tree Hand Cream is brilliant. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t leave behind that horrible residue (horrible to me, you may like that feeling!) and it seems to soak in straight away, there’s no need to keep rubbing it in. It does it’s job fast! 


The Tea Tree helps to soothe cracked, sore skin and the orange is an anti-inflammatory property which helps to restore moisture. It’s super hydrating and is 91% organic. 

I have to admit, I don’t use the creams as much as I probably should, but that’s down to years (and years) of avoiding hand cream, so it’s a hard habit to break, but when I do use it, I’m always pleased by how fast it’s absorbed. So much so that I can use it at work and get straight back to the keyboard after applying it, AND, a biggie for me, I can use my phone straight after – you know it’s a good one when you can still swipe on an iPhone! (50ml £12.50)

My hands are definitely better since I’ve been using them, there’s less of a scaly look on the backs on my hands and the skin around my nails is pretty much in one piece so there’s a lot less picking going on. I absolutely love these two products and will keep using them, the hand cream especially, throughout the year, not just during winter. 

PR Samples. 


The Gratitude Series // All About Attitude

Gratitude doesn’t come easily to me, if you were to pick a person out of a line up for being the best at moaning, you’d be drawn to me. 

It’s not that I enjoyed moaning or complaining – I really didn’t – it’s just that it became part of who I was. It was easier to complain about the negatives than to really dig deep and look for the positives. The more I complained, the easier it was to see things to complain about. 

People walking too slow, drivers who didn’t indicate, hotel rooms that weren’t what I was expecting, food that wasn’t how I had imagined, the weather being too hot, too cold, blah blah blah. 

I was becoming a walking, talking (and very irritating) serial complainer. 

If I had carried on seeing the negative in every.single.situation then I would have ended up becoming a cartoon version of myself. The female Victor Meldrew in her 30’s, and how depressing would that be!? 

Thankfully, I was stopped in my tracks and given the massive shake up that I needed in order to snap out of the, quite frankly, miserable and almost ridiculous state I was putting myself in.

I call it my hippy awakening.

I spent time reading books, searching ways to change my mindset and become a nicer person, because, without that change, I was worried where I would end up, and how my life would look. 

Gratitude is everywhere. Literally. It is the self-help buzz word and has been for a while. There’s research concluding that gratitude reduces anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion and boosts happiness and satisfaction with life. Apparently it can also lower blood pressure and improve sleep. 

Just by changing the way you think. 

The Gratitude Series // All About Attitude

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve reached an age where I don’t care about how others see me, or if it’s just a point you get to when you’ve been through certain situations, but where I am in my life right now is exactly where I want to be. I am, undeniably, a hippy in skinny jeans. I find myself ticking more and more things off the hippy hit list, without even realising. 

Pilates/Yoga? check. 
Vegetarian? check. 
Meditation? check.
Essential oils? check. 
Crystals? check. 
The moon & it’s magical powers? check. 

I mean, I’m a walking cliché! And I LOVE it. It’s not that it’s become part of me, it’s more that it IS me. And I’ve slowly, and surely found my way there. 

The more I read about gratitude, the more I found myself practising it. The more I practiced, the easier it became and before I knew it, I was doing it without even thinking about it. It’s changed how I feel about everything. Everything. 

A huge learning curve for me was realising that part of the reason that my, so called expectations, were never met, was because of how I pictured ‘it’ in my head. How can things be good enough, when you’re placing them on a pedestal too high to ever be reached? Nothing was ever that bad. It just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. And the only way to change that, was to change the way I thought. 

The Gratitude Series // All About Attitude

You don’t realise how lucky you are until you’re at the point of losing something. That feeling, of utter desperation makes you stop and look at everything you thought you were right to complain about and realise that you should be counting your lucky stars. 

I often find myself now, usually when I’m driving, in the bath, or just laying on the bed, thinking about how lucky I am. To have a husband who is my best friend, two kind, clever kids, a family who love me, a house that I want to come home to every single day, friends who I speak to hourly, a job I love, space to write whatever I want, a chance to be creative with my business, the chance to experience opportunities I might not otherwise have, so much to be grateful for! And I wonder what the hell it was I was moaning about for all those years? 

The more I think about how many reasons I have to be happy in my life, the more I find. Funny that? 

Tell people you love them, and tell them why. Be specific. It will show them that you’ve noticed something about them, and it will remind you of all the reasons that person is important to you. It doesn’t have to be massive, the smaller the reason the more special it becomes. How many people can make you laugh until you’re snorting or laughing like a seal? (Very few people make me laugh like that, but they know who they are!) 

Really be aware of each moment you’re in. The music that’s playing when you’re on a road trip, the clear sky when it’s a full moon, the way your kids cuddle you, instinctively and totally unique to them, the chance to have an afternoon nap while everyone else is chilling out in their own way – whatever it is – really notice it. 

The Gratitude Series // All About Attitude

Make memories & fill your house with things that make you smile. It doesn’t have to match (have I mentioned how I hate matchy matchy?) We have a giant light up sign that says TOYS in our dining room, a pink flamingo in the living room, yellow velvet cushions, old clocks from special friends, empty gin bottles as candlesticks because of the memories we had when we drank it, everything in our house makes us happy. 

Take photos, keep a diary, write a journal – build a memory bank of happy moments! There will be times when the Moaning Mildred will come back to play, but, if you’ve got a whole army of physical things to look at to remind you why you’re so bloody lucky, then it will help to kick her right back to where she belongs. 

Mine include photos, screenshots, quotes, songs in playlists, drawings from my kids, little notes left by the bloke, magnets, books, pens, matches – anything that makes me go “remember when we…..” and I’m right back to that happy time again. 

I write down everything I’m grateful for, even things as small as not having to put the bins out, the bloke reversing my car onto the drive for me so I can shoot straight off in the morning, H sitting with C while he’s in the bath so I can cook dinner, stupid things that you could take for granted if you weren’t careful. 

Take nothing for granted. Nothing. Why should I? I’m not entitled to special treatment, I’m no more worthy than the next person, so anything someones does for me to show they care, I’m all over it. And I will say thank you a million times, because I am bloody grateful. And now, a whole lot happier. 




Face Mask Friday // Frénésies ACTIVE NUTRI-INTENSIVE CREAM

Technically, Frenesies Active Nutri- Intensive Cream isn’t a face mask, but it’s used as an overnight treatment, so I say it is and that’s all that matters really. 

Frénésies Active Nutri Intensive Cream is an intensive overnight treatment with a double action formula – it gently removes toxins and impurities from the skin whilst providing a hit of extreme hydration.

The formula combines powerful ingredients that work together to clean and deeply hydrate. Vitamin F keeps the skin supple and soft, whilst enhancing the penetration of antioxidants.

It’s also infused with Vitamin A (Retinol) for its potent skin regeneration properties. Retinol, one of my favourite ingredients, improves your skins texture and speeds up the cell renewal process – for a more youthful appearance, so skin is left supple, smooth and brighter.

The best way to use this mask is to apply a layer to targeted areas of skin in the evening, after cleansing, to use an overnight treatment. It’s really thick and feels quite heavy as a cream, but for a treatment it feels pretty good. 

Face Mask Friday // Frénésies ACTIVE NUTRI-INTENSIVE CREAM

The benefits of the cream are listed as deeply hydrating, complexion brightening and helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria, but as it contains cocoa butter I’d err on the side of caution, cocoa butter is an ingredient which I try to avoid using on my face as I’m acne prone, especially on the chin (thanks hormones!) so I wouldn’t use this weekly, but it’s been amazing for the husband who suffers with really dry skin.

His face has soaked this up beautifully and it really feels comfortable for him. If you’re more of a dry skin person, this is perfect for you! 

For him, this is almost the perfect day cream, it’s so hydrating and really moisturises his skin, it’s so ‘heavy’ it actually feels like it’s working it’s magic and he’s left with skin that doesn’t feel tight or stretched, which he often complains about, especially in the winter months. 

A tiny amount of this goes a long way and it smells gorgeous, it’s not an overpowering scent. 

It’s available from the Frénésies website and costs £22 or it can be purchased as part of the 3 Zone Facial Kit for £54.


Three days a week I have to wear a fetching purple t-shirt for work, and let me tell you, purple is not my colour. It’s a uniform, which, I know millions of people have to wear to work every single day of their lives, but there’s something about that t-shirt that makes me feel really scruffy and not quite ‘me’.

Obviously, I live in t-shirts outside of work, but they’re different, ya know?

On the days that I’m feeling awake/pumped/raring to go, whatever you want to call it, I try and make sure I feel less like I’ve bene dragged through a hedge backwards, and more like a 30 something, mother of two who has her shit together. 

Looks can be deceiving you know. 

1: Nails

Nails are always important to me. If you scroll back through my instagram you’ll see I had a good couple of years with super long (and all my own I’ll have you know) nails that were full on colour, sparkle and joy inducing weapons. But, I had to get back to real work, and spending all day on a computer with nails that long, was not working for me (or my employer, I had the typing speed of a cat) so they had to go. But short nails can still look bloody good, and having nicely painted nails even when the rest of you looks like you haven’t left the house for a few days, can bring a touch of style to your look. 

Because I’m pale I have to avoid certain colours, otherwise my hands look closer to death than I would like, so I generally go with red, black, dark grey or a nudey pink. When the sun is shining I’ll be back to the neon colours. I just need to work on not biting the cuticles now. 

2: A BAG

I am a bag whore. There will never be a time that I don’t need or want a new bag. I have no shame in admitting that. 

I have a huge tote for work, from Hermosa, which has my initials stitched on it (monogramming is my favourite thing ever) but I’m on the lookout for something new for Spring/Summer now. I’m tempted by the Longchamp Le Pilage bags, but the nylon is a sticking point for me. I need to have a feel of it before I invest! 

For weekends, I like to use something a bit smaller, otherwise I end up taking a million unnecessary things out with me. Like yesterday for example, who needs to take work keys, a diary, 2 make up bags and a bag of sweets (C’s, not mine) to Ikea? Ridiculous. I want to be the kind of person who has a tiny cross body bag with a card wallet, a couple of keys, lipgloss and phone. I’m not her yet. 

3: Trainers

We went out for dinner a few weeks back and I was stumped at what to wear on my feet, as it appears I live in my trainers now. Work, home, days out, you name it, I have a pair of trainers that will work, but if it requires fancy, then I’m a bit stuck. In the end I went with gold loafers (which I had forgotten I owned) and they were just as comfortable as my trusty Nikes. 

I just don’t do heels anymore. I used to, pre kids, spend all day and night in massive heels, running for the bus in them was no problem, but now I can’t think of anything worse. I’ve found what works for me and I’m more than happy they’re comfortable too. 

Probably need to work on how much I’m willing to spend though, as my collection is growing and they’re getting more and more expensive each time! Vejas anyone?


My hair is SO important to me. There were a. rough few years where I cut it all off, dyed it several colours and then tried everything to get it back to ginger again. Lesson learnt! I am a long hair, redhead person and nothing is going to change that! 

Because my hair is so long now, then ends are obviously old and require a bit more care and attention than shorter hair would, so I have to look after it. 

Decent shampoo and conditioner isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it! I also use Philip Kingsley Elastisizer once a week, heat spray for days when I straighten it, and Moroccan Oil on the ends, straight or not. I try not to blow dry unless I really have to, because it’s a double hit of heat on it, which makes me worry about breakage! But, if my hair is looking healthy and swishy, then I feel a million times better than if it was greasy and whacked on top of my head. 


And I’m not talking about push up, push out or any kind of pushing. I’m all about comfort and style. 

There’s a time and a place for thongs, I’m not positive when that is, but there is, I’m sure.

For me, day to day, I’d rather wear a high waisted, high leg. Hold you in and cover your arse at the same time. Always black or nude (white is never nude, ever) If you’ve got good undies on then you already feel better than if you’re wearing scuzzies. Secret armour or something. 


This is a huge one for me. The mental benefits of having clear skin are huge. When your face is working with you enough that you don’t need to wear full foundation every day, especially on your days off or at weekends, it feels AMAZING! 

I’ve had a long battle to get my skin to where it is now (touch wood) and I have my trusty products that I use, without fail, every morning and evening. 

I don’t go crazy with make up, because I like to recognise myself – but also because I’m not amazing at it. I can do a good base, I can do a natural eye. I cannot do winged eyeliner for shit. So, if I’m feeling the need for a fresh look I usually change my lipstick to something a bit bolder and that’s about it! I really need to get my lashes tinted so I can even dump the mascara on a Sunday. Heaven! 

So, that’s how I feel more put together. A lot of the time it’s down to your mindset, if you tell yourself you look fab, then you’ll feel fab and you’ll be more comfortable in your style. 

How do you make yourself feel more put together?