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Fresh Start for Autumn – New Resolutions // Same Year


I am such an Autumn Winter kind of person, and, for me, September always feels more ‘fresh start’ than January does. January is depressing, Christmas is over, summer holidays are, what feels like, forever away and there isn’t much going on because everyone is skint after the festive season. September is still warm on the odd day, the colder, crisper mornings are still sunny and there’s the promise of Halloween, Bonfire night, and of course, my favourite time of year, Christmas! 

It’s a time for getting cosy and maximising the time spent at home, being hidden away on the sofa with your favourite people – it’s just lovely! 

It feels like the perfect time to set new intentions, think about changes you want to make, new habits or routines, it’s the season of comfort, warmth and joy. Try saying that without humming the Christmas carol in your head. 


I really need to spend some more (any) time reading. Actual books. Not just my phone or iPad. I have a huge pile of books that I want to read, and I keep adding to it so it’s growing constantly. I’ve said so many times that I need to put my phone down, but, surprise surprise, I’m yet to do it. I’ve managed to stop scrolling through my phone before bed, I’ve got into the habit of locking my phone and plugging it into charge – and that’s it. No more picking it up for a sneaky peek, which has helped make the falling asleep situation a bit easier. My brain is constantly wired & on the go so I need all the help I can get at bedtime, where I tend to do my most bizarre thinking. 

I’m not a lover of reading books on my iPad which is probably a good thing, I am so easily distracted I would end up on Instagram for 3 hours, and I often wish I had a bit of commuting to do, where I could grab a book from my bag and switch off for a while, but there’s just always something else that needs doing! Plus, I bloody hate public transport. 


I much prefer A/W clothing. It’s so much more ‘me’. The colours, textures, everything. I do love to throw on a dress and not have to think about anything else but, that only lasts so long before I’m back in my jeans! 

I love chunky cardigans, ankle boots, scarves and coats. All the coats. But I do have to break out of my usual routine of throwing on a pair of skinnies and a jumper. The school run rush means I’m never completely organised and finding something to wear is usually last on the list of things to do that morning. Maybe I should pick the outfit the night before. Like I should make the lunches the night before. It never happens. 


My skin and I have a constant battle. One month it could be absolutely fine, nice, even. The next I’m worse than my teenage daughter and want to hide away in my bedroom. There is no balance! I have recently started a new programme with my favourite salon, The Nail & Body Boutique in Reigate, in partnership with Environ Skincare. For 100 days I am using their skincare products, including facials every few weeks, plus supplements to help my skin from the inside out. I’ve already noticed a difference, my make up is going on easier and lasting longer, so I’m hoping the reset programme will finally give me the skin I want! It’s not cheap, but I’m interested to see if it’s worth it. If at the end of the 100 days I decide to part with my own cold, hard cash, you’ll know it’s worth it! For me, good skin is better than any make up, a perfect base, good brows and maybe a slick of lippie and I feel much more ‘me’ than if I had ten tonne of make up on. I just need to nail that perfect base. Watch this space. That rhymes doesn’t it? Oops. 


Ahhh. Of course, Autumn/Winter means my house is full of candles. Candles, low lighting and blankets. That is my idea of heaven. I love my living room in the winter, because it’s a dark grey colour, it really feels cosy and snug. We still need to sort the flooring out, but it seems to be pushed to the back of the ‘to do’ queue quite a lot because there always seems to be something else that’s more important. We also need to get our TV on the wall, or at least invest in a new unit – hello Ikea – and perhaps a cheeseplant while I’m there. Or two. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the bloke doesn’t like me going to Ikea……. £££. I also ‘need’ some more candles. Good ones, that fill the house with beautiful smells. I’ve been using my oil diffuser every day & I am now obsessed with discovering new oils to help create certain moods or feelings around the house, but there is something to be said for candle light. 


This one makes me chuckle. Because unlike Fergie, I’m not ‘werkin on my fitness. But I need to be. I am very conscious that I am sat at my desk pretty much solidly from 9-2pm every day. The school run is usually rushed so I end up driving, and then in between after school clubs, football, shopping, dinner, reading (not me!), bath, bed – there’s no fitness going down. I went to my first yoga class last week, which I loved, but, of course, this week there were childcare issues, timing issues, all the issues, so I couldn’t go again. I’ve found one that I should be able to get to at lunchtime, which would work better for me, so, next week, hopefully, there will be no more issues! I’ve also found an online yoga school, which I could do from home if I really tried my hardest to find my motivation. I’m sure I left it here somewhere…..


Just because it’s Autumn, it sadly doesn’t mean there are anymore hours in the day, so I doubt that T and I will see more of each other, but I am determined to make more time for us. I’m not sure how yet, any ideas would be welcome, but needs must. Between us we have no time for ourselves, never mind each other & that doesn’t make for a content couple. Before anyone comments that this is what life is like as parents, guess what? Don’t! Having been a parent for 15 years I don’t need, nor welcome, that kind of advice. ‘K boo? Our children are very happy, healthy, loved little buggers who have all of our attention and time, as they well should. But, occasionally, like all adults, we need time together, without being parents. We very rarely get that, so it’s time to sort that shizzle out. Offers of babysitting are welcome. All you need to provide my kids with is a full fridge, wifi and beds. They’re very easy to look after. And not at all noisy……




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