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Putting The Garden To Bed


Putting The Garden To Bed

Every summer, we get to enjoy the beauty of our colourful, bright and well maintained gardens. It’s what many of us have worked all year to achieve! BBQs amongst the gorgeous scents of lavender and rosemary, sunbathing amongst the striking hydrangeas and even enjoying fresh home grown tomatoes and ever so sweet strawberries. But, just because the good weather is a distant memory already, doesn’t mean the hard work is over!

Autumn is here, and it brings with it the threat of hash, cold weathers, high winds, even torrential rain and blizzards; all ready to obliterate your garden. Your garden has worked hard over the summer, so now is the time to put it to bed. Unsure of where to start? This process starts in Autumn and goes on until the first frost of the year. So read on to get a head start.

Revitalise your lawn

Your lawn has worked hard all summer, so when the weather is dry, aim to get out there once more with the lawnmower. Even though your lawn won’t grow as quickly in the colder months, you can still treat it with some feed products to keep it healthy and strong – check out The Grass People for more information.

Don’t forget to clear your lawn of all the dead leaves, the debris and old grass that will have gathered over time. Keeping your lawn clear of debris gives it more chance of growing back stronger next year.

If you’re worried about the drainage in your lawn when the rain starts to pour, then don’t worry – head online for some tutorials on how to aerate your lawn like a pro.

Cut back & clean up

Now you need to cut back your perennials, ready for new growth in the Spring time. Remove any dead heads you see on plants and clean up any overgrown bushes and plants that might go on to cause issues later in the year.
Clean up all the overgrown areas in your garden. Most of us have outdoor areas that we have every intention of “getting to” but rarely do…clearing up those overgrown parts of the garden means you won’t get any residents moving in and you’ll stop any weeds and unwanted plants taking hold.

If you’ve been growing vegetables, or you have an apple tree that’s rather keen to shed it’s fruit, then you need to collect, harvest or dispose of whatever is left on the ground. If you don’t, you’ll be inviting vermin and pests closer to your home.

Tools, and things

It’s a pain and a job that no one wants to do but complete this now and your future self will be thanking you next year! Collect up all your gardening tools and all those pots and containers. They’ll need cleaning and disinfecting before you tuck them away safely until next year. Remember, you can always store the soil elsewhere if you intend to use it again.


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