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LD // Beating Back Pain – The Best Chairs To Try

LD // Beating Back Pain - The Best Chairs To Try

Coping with serious back pain can really take it out of you. Finding the right chair to help you cope with the pain can be equally difficult. That’s where we are here to help you find the solution that will help to ease your pain a little.

Taking a Seat

You may not realise this, but sitting down for a long time actually does your body more harm. Sitting down for an extended period of time can actually cause you more pain further down the line, damaging both your back and your hips. Sitting down weakens your muscles because whilst we are seated they are not receiving enough simulation.

Naturally sitting down can provide you with some temporary relief, you just need to make sure you have a chair that is right for you. Not everyone is the same, there will be a different solution for each person and that’s why we are here to help you.

Riser Recliner Chairs

A riser recliner chair is electronically powered, allowing you to find your perfect seating position with the simple touch of a button. The chair can be tilted and lifted forwards to make it easier for you to exit the chair and to sit comfortably.

Riser recliners can provide some welcome relief to back pain problems that limit mobility, but also issues like arthritis. Once you are seated, the chair provides you with support alleviating the pressure in your joints, back and neck.

Recliner Chairs

If back pain is your problem and not mobility then you may want to consider recliner chairs. These help to relieve the pain in your back whilst you’re seated. You can recline all the way down till you’re flat, finding your perfect position.

You can choose from a number of different options. This includes the single motor where the back and footrest move simultaneously, dual motor where the back and footrest move separately or a manual recliner with a hand lever.

Heat and Massage Chairs

If you have issues with back pain, circulation or mobility difficulty then a heat and massage chair can provide you with relief from these issues. With heat and massage chairs you can get all the perks of a recliner chair, with the addition of the heat and massage feature. These chairs have been specifically designed to provide you with relief from your aches and pains.

Make sure you make a decision that benefits you. Each person is different and suffering from different pains, so each person will have different needs when it comes to what chair they require and what makes a difference to their wellbeing. Make sure you do your research before, choosing the right chair could change your life.


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