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Finding The Right BB Cream

Finding The Right BB Cream

During the week, I’m all about the full base. It feels ‘done’ and work ready. I tend to stick to a medium coverage foundation because I don’t want to cover my freckles but I need to make sure my face is able to last the whole day.

Having quite oily skin means there are few foundations that I can really get on with, but that’s a whole other post. 

At the weekend however, the last thing I want to do is whack a whole face of foundation on. Especially early on a Saturday morning when we’re rushing out of the door to football, or squash, or some other 9 year olds sport based activity.

Unless I’m going ‘out out’ (thanks Micky Flanagan forever) I literally don’t want to put proper make up on. 

Which is why I am a HUGE fan of the BB cream.

Created in Asia, BB Creams bridge the gap between skincare and make up. With SPF, moisturiser and blemish banishing properties they’re like your skin, but better.

Perfect for lazy weekend and hot summers when you just don’t want to feel like your face is too covered. 

I like to do a little bit of research before I part with my cash, way back when (in the days before social media, say what?!) I used to go by magazine features, these days, I only ever look online.

It just makes it so much easier and quicker to find out what other people with similar skin and colouring think of a product before I try it, a quick type into Google and these bb cream reviews by Vogue are right there at the top, waiting for me to click and go on to buy. Easy peasy? 

There are literally hundreds of BB Creams to choose from, despite being relatively new to the make up scene, it was only a few years ago that they came out, after originally being created by dermatologists for people after skin laser surgery –  so you can get a little bit lost in trying to find the right one for you. Choice is a wonderful thing, but there is so much thing as too much! 

Anything that makes life a bit easier is a winner for me! 



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