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Beauty: SKN Rehab Daily SPF30 SKN Filter

SKN Rehab Daily SPF30 SKN Filter

Before I was serious about skincare, the only time I used an SPF on my face was when it was ‘proper’ summer or when I was on holiday. It just didn’t occur to me to use it every single day, even in the winter.

I know.

Now, I don’t leave the house without some kind of SPF on my entire face, usually SPF30 but when it’s really hot then I am factor 50 all over. I will never tan and so the only thing I’m interested in is protecting my skin from sun damage.

The SKN Filter SPF 30 (£30) is a broad spectrum protection that contains a combination of powerful vitamins and antioxidants to protect the skin while targeting and treating sun damage effects. It has Vitamin C to help treat sun spots, pigmentation and uneven texture while Vitamin E will help the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

SKN Filter SPF30 will help to protect against UVA/UVB damage while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also helps recover damaged cell DNA, shield the skin from visible impacts of pollution and helps to soothe skin irritations and hydrate the skin.

It’s quite a thick cream so I have been using this when I’m not wearing make up, choosing to stick to my usual moisturiser with SPF under foundation, but it doesn’t leave any white streaks or residue on the face, it’s just a matter of feeling like I have too much on my skin when I wear make up on top, but that’s totally personal to each person.

SKN Rehab Daily SPF30 SKN Filter
SKN Rehab Daily SPF30 SKN Filter

It soaks into the skin easily and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything too heavy. It does have a kind of medicated scent, I am tempted to describe it as an unscented kind of smell, if that makes any sense whatsoever? Probably not!

SKN Filter SPF30 is available here and costs £30 for 50ml.

Gifted PR Sample.


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