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Bedroom Antics // Decorating Style


Next on the house “make it look nice” project is our bedroom.

I keep going between the hallway and the bedroom. Not literally of course, because that would be a bit weird, and probably wear away the carpet quite quickly. I think the hallway is something everyone sees as soon as they come round, but the bedroom is somewhere we spend quite a bit of time (not nearly enough time, but that’s another matter) and it’s our space, so, stuff everyone else and what they think, the bedroom is next! 

As I’ve discussed, many, many times before (am I really that repetitive!?) I can’t decide on a colour for the bedroom. I see a dark room and I want to do that, I see a white room and I want to do that! I didn’t struggle this much with the living room, so god knows what my problem is! We don’t even have that much wall to paint. One is taken up with windows and a radiator, one half filled with fitted wardrobes, the other half with drawers and shelves. One has the door and the en suite door, and that leaves the wall behind the bed. So, really, not such a big deal! 

But seriously, light or dark? 

Interiors wise, because we have such a huge bed, queen size, we have very little room either side of it. So instead of bedside tables, we have shelves. These shelves, at the moment, are empty. Aside from my books, water and lavender spray. On the hubs side is a cactus. The end. 

But they need dressing. The whole room needs dressing. From new curtains to lamps, a new TV to flooring, it all needs a little bit of TLC. I’d ideally like to get black out curtains. On the weekend, when we don’t ‘need’ to be up, we’re still blinded by sunlight, which, is lovely and very good for your internal body clock, but bloody annoying if you really want a lay in. So, they’re on the list. 

Lighting wise, I am in love with the old desk lamps, with the bendy, movable arms. In copper. Uh huh. Look at me making a final decision, fancy! I flipping hate the standard, bedside table lamp look, so this is a nice alternative. Plus, if one of us is asleep (him) the other one (me) can read in bed without disturbing them.

Then there is the bedding. Why, oh why can I not find the right dusty pink, 100% cotton that I want? Why, reader? Why? I just want that perfect shade, but I’m getting no closer to finding. Not for less than £100, and that’s crazy, right? I have the duvet of dreams, that’s going nowhere, in fact, our bed is pretty perfect. It just needs to live in a prettier room.

And we need more time to live in it.  


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