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Being Happy

Ooooh it’s been a while since I wrote anything (interesting) here. I think I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo, nothing has really inspired me – not through lack of trying, I’ve just not felt like writing about anything, I haven’t even been reading blogs or mags either, which is NOT like me, but, I’m back! 

I’m going to be honest, I had enough of blogging for a while. It was all getting so, meh. You know when you need an early night and then you just can’t sleep ? That’s what it was like. Trying to think of decent content, to keep up with the Joneses of the blogging world, left me in a big old fat slump. Nobody likes a trier Kate. (That is the phrase isn’t it? I haven’t just made that up….?) I was trying too damn hard. 

Then I realised. This is my blog. If I am the only person to read it then so be it. I love writing words too much to just stop. I mean, if you can’t write words, well, erm, what else can you write…….? 

Shut up Kate.

I’m not a naturally happy go lucky person, in fact, I really dislike people that are, you almost can’t appreciate the good times when you’re trying to convince yourself and everyone else, that your life is practically perfect in every way. Like, shut the fuck up Sandra, you’re making the rest of us feel suicidal with your constant cheeriness. Jeez, wind it in. 

BUT! There are sooooo many things that make me happy (despite what some people might think……!) and they’re all so varied, but all as ‘glow giving’ as each other. I don’t know what’s come over me either. It must be the moon. 

I’ve whittled it down to the few that came to me instantly…..

  • Sitting on the sofa on a Saturday night with my little family, under blankets and on top of each other, watching TV. 
  • Takeaway coffees.
  • Drinking hot chocolate on a cold day when the sun is shining. 
  • Driving on the motorway with the music blaring and everyone singing along. 
  • Watching my 2 snuggle up to each other without even realising they’re doing it. 
  • Really good nails that people comment on. Even strangers. 
  • Having the whole house to myself in complete silence, just for a few hours/days.
  • Getting cards in the post instead of bills. 
  • Laying in bed at night listening to the rain. 
  • Snow days. 
  • Laughing til I start making a weird duck noise that I do (it’s not attractive but not many people can make me laugh that much, if they can, they’re special and they don’t care what weird noises I make!) 
  • Christmas lights, even in November. 
  • My favourite song coming on the radio. 
  • Candles. 
  • When the boy sneaks his hand into mine. 
  • Xmas films. 
  • Mulled wine & mince pies. 
  • Making people laugh. I am a funny bitch, ya know? 
  • Finding a new gin based drink. 
  • Going out on a Saturday AND waking up without a hangover.
  • Not going out on a Saturday. 
  • Secret Xmas stuff…..oooooooh! 

So, dear blog readers, whoever you may be. I am just going to write about the shit I love. I am going to stop comparing my blog and myself to anyone else out there, because they are not me and that’s a shame for them. (It’s not really but it kind of felt like a good ending to that sentence). 

I’m going to write my blog in my own tone. I am very sarcastic and quick, it’s something I like to pride myself on. I may not be able to squeeze into a size 10 pair of jeans but by god I can make you laugh. (I can also make a pretty mean roast dinner, cheesecake, sandwich and cup of tea) That sentence right there is the reason the bloke has been married to me for so long. 

No more trying to find *the* content. I’m going to blog about my happy stuff. And I’m going to find a whole load more happy stuff and blog about that too. Life is nothing if not for living, don’t you agree? 

Yes, you do. 

P.s the picture is of Baths Christmas Markets, where I will be going next weekend. Where I will have a WHOLE truckload of happy to write about! 



  1. Sunita - Lucky Things blog
    December 27, 2016 / 10:13 pm

    Love your comeback blog so much. I totally agree that the blogging world can feel a bit too much at times. So I do my best to stay grounded and not influenced by what others might be doing.
    As I said to a blogger friend the other day – it’s all about what our own goals are about and what our motivators are.
    It’s not about stats and followers for everyone. And YES it’s your blog so YOU set the rules (or non-rules!) as you wish. Really cool seeing your happy list. You’ve inspired me to draw one up for my fridge.
    So thanks for getting in touch on Insta as now I’ve discovered your lovely blog. Keep in touch xx

    • Katie
      January 3, 2017 / 11:28 am

      Hello lovely! Thank you for the comment, and for saying I’ve inspired a happy list for you! You’re very right, staying grounded and just getting on with your own thing is the best way forward! Looking forward to maybe meeting in the new year! x

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