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I’m Living In A Box, Living In A Cardboard Storage Box…..

I'm Living In A Box, Living In A Cardboard Storage Box.....


All the stuff, everywhere. I’m not sure if I’m late to the ‘spring clean’ party or what, but the amount of stuff I have everywhere is driving me insane! It’s not hard to imagine, I’m sure. 

With two kids, two dogs and two adults living in a three bed house, albeit a decent sized one (in the bedrooms at least) the amount of bloody stuff we’ve accumulated over the years is incredible. Our loft is full to bursting, we’ve taken over the teenagers storage cubby in her room and our under-stairs cupboard is shelved out to the max. 

And yet, still, we need more space. I’m sure as you get older you’re meant to cut back on things but it just feels like we’re forever replacing things, adding more, and there’s just not enough room for it to carry on growing. 

The more I think about it, the more I wan to have a massive clear out, but I’m one of those people who will throw away absolutely everything non essential, only to need it exactly one week later. It doesn’t matter what it is, or if I haven’t used it, looked at it or even thought about it in the last 3 years. You can bet your backside that the minute I throw it out, it’s needed. 

With that in mind, I’m thinking storage. And not the kind that lives in my house storage. When we were moving from a tiny house to a huge flat, we put everything in storage until the move date, so that we had time to declutter and work out what was actually needed and what wasn’t, and it was great! The reassurance that it was all still there, but not under our feet (or in our hallway in boxes) was comforting, for me anyway! And, we did of course, come to realise that we probably didn’t need to keep all of it. 

Big tip, if you can’t even be bothered to put something in storage, then you know it’s a straight up ‘bin this’ rule. 

In my mind, I would be able to put all the things that we only need for a few months of the year, like garden furniture, Xmas decorations, summer/winter clothes, that kind of thing, into storage so that the house feels ‘more free’ (in a non hippie kind of way) then, when we decide we want to bring it back into our home, we take it out of storage and replace it with something else.

Kind of like a library, but instead of books it’s suitcases, and we’re not borrowing them because they’re ours but you get my drift. 

That way everything we have in our house is being used, we have all that extra space back for smaller, more important things like photo albums, important paperwork, and we haven’t gone the whole hog and thrown something out that’s going to need replacing! This is genius, no? Tell me you’re not thinking the same thing? 

I’m sure this technique would eventually lead to me throwing out a lot of stuff that I’m just attached to, for no real reason. This whole out of sight, out of mind thing does work eventually, I’m sure, but just the knowledge that it’s safely tucked away in a little metal garage a couple of miles away from me is all I need, I can work myself up to the bigger, more grown up thing once it’s left my home for, ooh, maybe a year or two! 

I know people who have things in storage for years, families who have hundreds and hundreds of photo albums, that can’t (or won’t) go into digital format. You have to keep them, no one would ever want to throw that away, but not everyone has a house big enough for all the flipping ‘stuff’ that comes with life. 

In my humble opinion, everyone should have storage – it should be a rite of passage when you reach a certain age.

Less slippers, more storage. 




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