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Carpet Conundrums & Choices For The Home

Carpet Conundrums & Choices

Carpets are probably one of the least glamorous parts of home decorating, but, they’re also one of the most important, and it’s not something you can afford to get wrong.

In our house, the whole downstairs is beautiful oak flooring or slate tiles in the hallway. But, up the stairs and the whole top floor is carpet, and it’s so needed.

Carpet makes the room cosier, and in a bedroom especially, I think that’s important. It’s hard enough to get out of bed on a freezing January morning, why on earth would we make it more difficult by having freezing cold flooring underfoot. No one will want to get out of bed, no matter how stylish it looks!

As far as I’m concerned, carpet is important!

Finding your carpet style?

Who knew there was so much choice when it came to carpets! There’s flat weave, multi-loop and level loop. There’s velvet, there’s Saxony and there’s twist….! That’s not even factoring in materials, or, the major decision, colour!

Depending on where the carpet is, will depend on what you pick. The hallway for example will have more traffic than the bedroom, so will need to be more hardwearing. You also may want to have less plush thickness in the hallway as it would be harder to keep clean. Hoovering the stairs is my least favourite job ever. Even worse than actually putting washing away!

As well as the carpet you need to consider the underlay, which will insulate the room and cushion any sounds. Skimping on underlay is never a good idea, in our old house we were kindly given the thinnest carpets you’ve ever seen, alongside the thinnest underlay. Which meant depending on where you stood you could feel the grippers and we often ripped our socks or jeans if we were sat on the floor. That was joyful, as well as freezing cold, extremely bad value for money and looked awful within a month. High traffic areas need decent carpets, there is no way to avoid it.

Although we now only have carpets upstairs, and therefore avoid any major spills and messes, we do have two kids and two dogs so nothing is ever going to be super clean, no matter how much I try, so choosing stain resistant finishes can be a lifesaver! It could be the teenager doing her make up or the 11 year old eating (yet another) snack in his room, nothing in my house stays spotless for longer than half an hour!

Then, finally, colour. For me, grey will always be a winner. Dark enough to hide the odd bit of fluff or mud until it’s cleaned, but light enough to not drag the whole room down. The worst thing you could ever do would choose white. Any light colours make me nervous!

But, as always, each to their own carpet style!


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