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LD Lifestyle // Getting In The (Early) Christmas Spirit

LD Lifestyle // Getting In The (Early) Christmas Spirit

Okaaaaay, so it’s not technically September yet, and even I know that thinking about Christmas in August is a little bit crazy, but, bear with…..! Every single year for as long as I can remember, I have always started the year by saying “and this year, I’ll be organised for Christmas”. But I never am. December rolls around and there’s me, panic buying packs of Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and, well anything to do with Christmas. 

I bloody LOVE Christmas. I am all for hearing Christmas songs in shops as early as November 1st, once Bonfire Night is done and dusted I am operation Christmas. This year, in our new home which is so much more family feel-y, I cannot wait for the festivities to start! 

It’s quite literally the most wonderful time of the year, so why on earth not make it last as long as humanly possible! 

I’m determined to get organised this year. I shall be making my own list and checking it more than twice (see what I did there?) there will be no 23rd December shopping trips for me this year and definitely no going way over budget because I left everything too late. A little bit of Christmas budgeting with Creditfix, a lot of careful planning and away we go! 

Christmas Events

Round about now I start thinking about all the events I’d like to go to, and there are quite a few this year, Hever Castle has been a tradition for a few years now, the colder, the darker, the closer to Christmas, the better! Tickets come on sale in the beginning of September I think, so I’ve already marked that in my diary. We also want to visit a decent panto, see the London lights and visit a Christmas Market. By getting these organised early (even September early!) I know we’ll have decent seats and we won’t have to pay ridiculous last minute prices. 

Present Lists

It’s not just Santa that needs lists you know. My two are a bit older now, so the usual wooden toys and dolls are replaced by designer clothes and PS4 games, which isn’t as fun for me! But, Christmas is about kids and there’s no point buying them gifts they’re going to hate. I always try and get wish lists from them, without being too obvious. Gone are the days of laying on the floor circling everything you want from an Argos catalogue! On top of our kids, there are lots of other people to buy for. Usually I find the right gift when I’m not really looking for that person in particular. I’m the kind of shopper who will go with a plan and find nothing. Go with no idea and I’ll hit the jackpot. I cannot shop online unless I know *exactly* what I’m looking for. And, while we’re on the subject of presents, is it just me who can spend the same amount of money on stocking fillers as actual presents? THEY’RE SO MUCH FUN!! 

Book The Food Delivery Date

I am not falling for this one ever again! The minute the supermarkets say we can schedule Christmas food delivery dates, I am booking mine in. The pain of walking round Sainsburys a day or two before Christmas is too much to take. Thank god I have a teenager who can now babysit so I don’t have to drag those darlings round with me as well! I’m also going to start stockpiling the goodies each week with our usual shopping. Does anyone else feel festive as soon as they see the tub of roses?

Christmas Cards

I love cards, sending them, receiving them, but each year we seem to send more and get less. So this year, I’m cutting the list right back! I’m going to buy them, write them and stamp them well in advance. Oh yes I am! 

I’m sure there are a million other things I can do to make the Christmas process go as smoothly as possible! Maybe book a flight to the mountains and stay in a cabin should be top of that list….! Will Santa know where to visit I wonder? 




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