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Christmas // Talking Traditions With Wayfair

Wayfair Christmas Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There is no question in the LD household, Christmas is AMAZING! We (I say we, I mean the kids and I!) are more than happy to get the festivities on as early as late November. We always go for a real tree, it’s just not the same with a fake one, so we can’t get that up too early – we made that mistake once before, and ended up with a bald tree the day before Xmas Eve and a mad rush to find a replacement – but everything else in the lead up to tree day, well that is ON! 

Each year we (again, the kids and I) discuss decoration colours. Mainly because I like to change them every year, but, ya know, we’re not the Beckhams so we can’t afford to that…..! In fact, when it gets to November, I get asked by quite a few people what colour decorations we’re having this year. 

I’m that serious about Christmas, so when Wayfair asked me to share my traditions and taste in decorations, did I jump up and down at the chance to do a little online window shopping? Yes, yes I did. 

I think people tend to fall into one of three categories when it comes to decorations at Christmas:

One Colour Minimalist

You will pick one specific colour and not deviate from that at all. Everything on the tree, in the living room and around the house will tie in with that colour. There will be slight variations on the shade, hot pink paired with baby pink for example, but there will be no question what colour scheme you’ve gone with. You’ll have the white lights too. Because anything else will interfere with your colour. 

Two Or Three Colour Combination

This is for those who can’t decide which colour they like best, or, those who think Christmas should be a traditional colourway. Usually colours like red and green, silver and blue or red and white. There are usually stripes or checks involved. Think American Xmas films and you’re pretty much there. Candy Canes? Well, duh! I bet there is some mistletoe above the door too. 

All The Colours, All The Decorations, All The Tinsel

This one looks like Christmas has entered your home and exploded. There is glitter everywhere. All the decorations collected over the years, even the ones the kids made in 1987, no theme, no fear. Lots and lots of tinsel. Probably multi coloured tree lights too. There is nothing minimalist about you, you are going for Christmas, and you are going full on. Nobody stand in your way. 

Can you guess which one I am…..?

I am most definitely NOT no.3. I am somewhere between one and two, depending on when I last bought decorations and if I can get away with buying some more! Last year the theme was all silver. Which looked beautiful because we had a newly decorated, dark grey living room, and I was all about the matching. This year however, I really want a splash of bright in there somewhere. I’ll suggest it to Mr T gently……. Wayfair have some amazing baubles, in so many different styles, I’m finding myself adding the slightly crazy ones to the basket! Have a look here!

Wayfair Christmas Traditions

I like to make the whole living area Christmas friendly. That means candles, festive blankets, Christmas cushions, twinkly lights – it only happens once a year, you’ve got to make the most of it! When I was a kid, I remember the feeling when the decorations came out, it was so exciting! Every evening I would turn the Christmas tree lights on and the main lights off so I could get the most of it, and I haven’t changed AT ALL. I think it’s something I have passed onto my kids now, and I really hope the tradition carries on, through the years. 

There needs to be an abundance of fairy lights, in as many places as possible. A door wreath, a scented garland, snow globes scattered around the home and, of course, an advent calendar or three, in our case. The kids have a chocolate one each, and a shared, wooden one which has a little hanging decoration behind each door. Even though we know what’s inside all of them, it’s still a surprise each morning. And, even though H is now 15, she will not miss out on opening her door on her day.

There is always a big discussion about who gets the even numbers and who gets the odd. Because, one gets the first door and one gets Xmas Eve. Decisions, decisions! 

Wayfair Christmas Traditions

Wayfair Christmas Traditions

In fact, there are quite a few Christmas traditions that we’ve brought down from our own childhood, and some new ones we’ve added as our own little unit of four, all of which I hope the kids take and show their kids, and their grandchildren. 

Driving to London to see the lights late at night (my Dad used to take us up to London each year, even driving past No.10 because he was allowed!)
Picking the tree together as a family. I remember walking, yes, walking, home with our tree, me at the front, my Dad at the back (heavy end) from the garden centre! 
Getting a new book to read throughout December, finishing on Xmas Eve. Last year we read The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher and it was AMAZING. You have to read it! 
The youngest member of the family is always in charge of putting the final decoration on the tree. 
Very loud Christmas music playing while we’re decorating. With singing. Of course. 
Mini trees in the kids bedrooms for them to decorate however they like! I promise not to interfere with those ones at all! 
Homemade mince pie making competition. Who will win, puff or filo….. (always puff, always me) 
Christmas Eve Specials – usually new pj’s, a Christmas book and some chocolates. Christmas Eve is literally my most favourite day of the year, ever.
Mulled wine and present wrapping evening. The bloke and I send the kids to bed, stick something on the TV and plough through the presents. 
Visiting Santa’s Grotto.
Reindeer food, carrots, (homemade) mince pies & Baileys left out for on Xmas Eve. 
Roast Gammon with a honey glaze cooking through the day on Xmas Eve. 
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese for breakfast (for the adults!) on Christmas morning. Something (anything!) chocolate based for the kids. 

I think that’s what makes Christmas so special, bringing the traditions down from the years and adding new ones, making it your own but keeping a few things from your childhood. There are so many memories attached to Christmas, for all of us, and it’s a time of year where the magic comes alive in everything, for everyone, the youngest to the oldest. 

What traditions do you have in your family? 

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Wayfair. 






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