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Creating a stylish home with kids in mind

Creating a stylish home with kids in mind

5 Ways of Creating a Stylish Yet Child-Friendly Home

When you have little ones you must always consider ways in which you can make your home safer as there are many hazards for small children. This needs to be a priority, but it does not necessarily have to mean that you have to sacrifice style like you might think. You can have a home which is both child-friendly and highly stylish if you know how – read on to find out more.

1. Materials

Many people like glass tables but these are a no-go when you have kids for obvious reasons. In addition to the safety precautions, this is actually a smart move because glass tables will show handprints and smudge if you have kids. Instead, you should look to safe and stylish materials like wood and plastic which are ideal for families.

2. Rounded Corners

It is also important that you go in each room of the house and look for any sharp corners as these are a serious safety hazard for kids. Soft, rounded edges are not only safe but they can look fantastic and help to create a much softer, more welcoming feel to a room.

3. Display Children’s Art Properly

Every parent is proud of their child’s artwork, but it can look messy and unorganised when you have sketches and drawings blue tacked randomly or stuck on the fridge. Instead, it is worth going the extra step and having artwork framed and arranged in a floor-to-ceiling grid. In addition to looking much nicer and better organised, this will also help you to preserve their masterpieces.

4. Open Plan

Having an open plan home is beneficial for a few reasons. It can make the home look and feel much bigger, brighter and airier which brings many aesthetic advantages, but it is also intelligent from a parenting point of view because it means that you can easily always keep an eye on your kids no matter what you are doing. 

5. Child Safety Blinds

Another safety aspect that needs to be considered is the blinds in each room of the house. Cords and chains which are used to operate blinds can be dangerous because young children will often want to play with these, but with child safety blinds from places like Swift Direct Blinds you can promote safety with blinds which are safe for children – this includes options such as cordless blinds, wand controlled blinds and roller blinds. 

Safety in the home is paramount when you are a parent, but this does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice style. The above are all ways in which you can make your home a safe environment for youngsters while still making it an attractive space and somewhere in which you take great pride.

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