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Face Mask Friday // Frénésies ACTIVE NUTRI-INTENSIVE CREAM


Face Mask Friday // Frénésies ACTIVE NUTRI-INTENSIVE CREAM

Technically, Frenesies Active Nutri- Intensive Cream isn’t a face mask, but it’s used as an overnight treatment, so I say it is and that’s all that matters really. 

Frénésies Active Nutri Intensive Cream is an intensive overnight treatment with a double action formula – it gently removes toxins and impurities from the skin whilst providing a hit of extreme hydration.

The formula combines powerful ingredients that work together to clean and deeply hydrate. Vitamin F keeps the skin supple and soft, whilst enhancing the penetration of antioxidants.

It’s also infused with Vitamin A (Retinol) for its potent skin regeneration properties. Retinol, one of my favourite ingredients, improves your skins texture and speeds up the cell renewal process – for a more youthful appearance, so skin is left supple, smooth and brighter.

The best way to use this mask is to apply a layer to targeted areas of skin in the evening, after cleansing, to use an overnight treatment. It’s really thick and feels quite heavy as a cream, but for a treatment it feels pretty good. 

Face Mask Friday // Frénésies ACTIVE NUTRI-INTENSIVE CREAM

The benefits of the cream are listed as deeply hydrating, complexion brightening and helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria, but as it contains cocoa butter I’d err on the side of caution, cocoa butter is an ingredient which I try to avoid using on my face as I’m acne prone, especially on the chin (thanks hormones!) so I wouldn’t use this weekly, but it’s been amazing for the husband who suffers with really dry skin.

His face has soaked this up beautifully and it really feels comfortable for him. If you’re more of a dry skin person, this is perfect for you! 

For him, this is almost the perfect day cream, it’s so hydrating and really moisturises his skin, it’s so ‘heavy’ it actually feels like it’s working it’s magic and he’s left with skin that doesn’t feel tight or stretched, which he often complains about, especially in the winter months. 

A tiny amount of this goes a long way and it smells gorgeous, it’s not an overpowering scent. 

It’s available from the Frénésies website and costs £22 or it can be purchased as part of the 3 Zone Facial Kit for £54.


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