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How To Find Yourself Whilst Travelling

How To Find Yourself Whilst Travelling

Aah, finding yourself whilst travelling. How cliche does that sound, and how many times have we heard it all before? Somebody comes back from their gap year wearing pyjama-like trousers covered with elephants, and claims that they know the meaning of life now. Yet it doesn’t have to be like this, and there are many ways to actually find out who you are and what you like by travelling, and seeing the world for yourself. We’ve put them down here so that you can give them a try…

Go it alone

Whilst there are dangers present from travelling by yourself (particularly if you’re a woman) going it alone can be a great way to find yourself, and do what you really want to do. Sure, travelling with friends can be great fun, but have you ever truly just gone out there and done what you wanted to do? You’ll soon realize that you’re more inclined to talk to other travellers, you’ll be seeing everything the way that you want to see it, and you’ll have some time to really think about what you want out of life (and to appreciate what travel is really teaching you). If you want to find yourself, going out there alone is sometimes the best thing to do.

Go on an adventure challenge

For those out there who really want to push themselves, there are plenty of adventure challenges that await. Could you imagine yourself cycling around Kerala, or hiking in the countryside in the UK? Even if you can’t, why not? Not only will it be a test of your physical endurance, but Global Adventure Challenges will also allow you to take some time to yourself mentally, and conquer some of the roadblocks that you put up for yourself. Is there a better way to find yourself than making sure that you don’t just wait around in your comfort zone? We can’t think of one…

Speak to people

Ok, we know your Mom would have always told you not to speak to strangers. But you could make some lifelong friends when you’re travelling, simply by speaking to people that you meet in hostels and making sure that you always get involved if an opportunity presents itself to you. If you’re too reclusive when you’re travelling, you’ll find the experience extremely isolating and you won’t be getting everything that you can out of it. Make friends with new people, never say ‘no’ to something new, and you’ll find the adventurous side in you that you never even knew you had!

So, there are many ways to find yourself whilst travelling, and one of them is to go it alone. Whilst you have to be safe if you opt for this, it can also help you to push yourself a bit further, and see the world in a different way. You can also go on a global adventure challenge and test your endurance, and making sure that you speak to people is key. Enjoy your adventure, and finding yourself!


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