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Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

Sometimes I have so many lovely things I want to tell you about, I have them all piled up in a basket or box, and I end up completely forgetting. Which is not overly clever of me. Bad blogger award. 

Sooooo, I’ve decided I’m going to try and do a Friday Favourites, at least once a month, maybe twice, depending on how many things I want to show you. It’s a technical equation, it’s all about the maths and the remembering – neither of which I am *any* good at. 

This week, it’s mostly beauty related, but I won’t be restricting it to any set subject. It’s going to be my little brain dump, but in a pretty way, I wouldn’t want to bombard you with the list of crazy I often think about, I want you to come back after all! 

Moisture Boost

First up is the Hydro Boost moisturiser by Neutrogena. I ran out of my Clarins and wanted to find something that was lightweight and non greasy, because I have quite oily skin, and adding anything too heavy under my make up means it’ll be sliding off my face before lunchtime. This is lovely, it’s really light but still feels like it gives my face some kind of moisture boost. I went with the water gel version but there is one for dry skin too. £12.99 from Superdrug. 

White Out

Next up, teeth whitening. I am on a mission. I want to find something that really works, before I go as far as visiting a dentist. So far, this Black Edition toothpaste from Diamond Whites seems to be doing something. I wouldn’t say it’s a massive improvement or difference, more of a subtle one, but it’s definitely working. It’s activated charcoal so it’s black, which is never not funny, but this one doesn’t taste like crap, it has a real mint flavour (I made the bloke try it first before I braved it). I’ll be trying the whitening strips next. 

Friday Favourites

And Sleep

There are two ‘sleep inducing’ goodies this week, Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter from thisworks, which came in my Latest in Beauty Bag and lavender oil from Slumber. The trouble shooter is a 2-in-1 product, applied nightly to problem zones, this moisturising ‘body fixer’ works hard to repair dry patches, pigmentation, crepey-ness and photo damage, whilst the motion activated sleep fragrance soothes away sleep irregularities. It smells incredible, I would actually wear this as a perfume if I could! 

My lavender oil is my magic potion – a few drops of this on C’s animal wheat bag thing (we have a dinosaur and a pug!) and he’s convinced it makes him fall asleep instantly. I love lavender, and have several plants in my garden, candles, wax melts and plugins around the house. Actually, it’s no wonder we’re always sleepy….. 

Micellar Magic

While I am a HUGE cleanser freak, there are some occasions that I just want to whack my make up off in the fastest way possible. This micellar water from Bioderma is perfect. Diddy little size, throw it in the make up bag for quick tidy ups, make up removal on a weekend away, freshen up, whatever you like! We all like a bit of bish bash bosh sometimes! 

5, 6, 7, 8!

This week has seen me walking like a demon. To school, back, round the local aerodrome, back to school, home again, up and down the stairs, I have been step counting like a loon. (So far, I’ve managed over 40,000, not too shabby!) so I have been religiously wearing my apple watch. I tell you, there is no worse feeling that doing a really long walk and realising you forgot to put your tracker on. Dick. I am even more in love with my watch this week because I have a new rose gold strap for it, which matches my rose gold bracelets, and nails. Always have a theme! 

Ring Bling

Speaking of jewels, my right hand has two new adornments this week, a beautiful ecart ring from MacAngus Designs, with 2 champagne coloured stones, and a thin, silver band with 3 diamonds (for my 3 babes) from Gemporia. Bling me up baby! 

Friday Favourites

Pucker Up! 

I bloody love lipstick, have thousands (this is not an exaggeration just don’t tell the bloke) but what I hate is having to reapply. I want to put it on and forget about it, because you can guarantee I won’t remember to take the flipping thing out with me (see, memory issues) so I have been looking for something that actually lasts all day. Most of them seemed to be matte formula, which I didn’t want to go with as they’ve always been quite drying, but I realised if I wanted long lasting, it was probably my only option. So, step in Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07). I’m usually a red lippy girl but I fancied a nude, and this is perfect, a little bit plummy, little bit nude. Love it. And, it actually lasts. Through school run, breakfast, several coffees, lunch and back to school again! That is impressive! £8.99 Superdrug. 

So there we go! That was quite a post eh! I’d love to know what your Friday Faves are, go on, let me know! 

Contains some PR Samples, and some paid for with my own cold hard cash! All views are my own!



  1. Pat
    May 19, 2017 / 8:19 am

    Glad to see “memory” intact! Lots of good ideas and products there to try. X

    • Katie
      May 19, 2017 / 9:01 am

      Thank you! xx

  2. May 19, 2017 / 11:25 pm

    I love these Friday Favourite style posts, I too am guilty of letting things pile up. I have added this idea to my to-do list but so far it keeps getting pushed down the list.

    I use the Micellar water too and love it, my skin feels so clean afterwards with no stinging or tightening. Am also liking the look of your lipstick, that colour is right up my street x

  3. May 20, 2017 / 4:15 am

    So many favourites.

    I want to try those black toothpaste. I defiantly need to whiten my teeth without dentist help. So I shall look forward to your next instalment.

    The oil sounds good. I too have oily skin so fussy at what I put on.

    That is a mammoth amount of steps. That rose gold strap is gorgeous xx

    • Katie
      May 24, 2017 / 1:31 pm

      Hahah! Thanks lovely lady xx

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