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Moving House, Heatwaves & Fridge Freezers // LD Moves!

Moving House, Heatwaves & Fridge Freezer Deals // LD Moves!

We are in. 

Our old house has been vacated and we have all our worldly goods in the new place. It’s taken a bucket load of sweat (I’m not even slightly kidding, we moved during the 2 hottest days of the heatwave) and a few tears. But by god we’re in. 

And it’s amazing. Despite being a whole new layout and style, it feels like home. 

We’ve got a few things left to do – naturally – top of the list is get a new fridge. Like, top of the top of the list. In fact, that’s what I should be doing right now, searching for the right one, but I’ve decided to hand over the decision making to T, because, really, all I care about is it’s ability to keep stuff cold. 

I’ve changed I tell you. 

We need somewhere that delivers quite quickly, and obviously, we like a deal. Who doesn’t!? Looking at Latest Deals has been a bit fun, what started off as a fridge freezer search quickly turned into “ooooh, do we need this….” kind of shopping spree. The answer is usually always “No, we don’t” but sometimes we do actually need it, and if we can get a good deal on it, then all the bloody better if you ask me. 

And, if you’re anything like my husband, you may get lost in a rabbits hole of slippers and ceiling lights. 

Someone needs to work on their concentration skills clearly. 

Back to the fridge freezer situation. I am, quite frankly, shocked at how fancy they can go. A smart fridge you say? One that plays Spotify through a tablet, yeah of course that’s what every home needs…. (insert rolly eye face here please, go on, picture me doing it) What is the world coming to when your fridge freezer is more intelligent than your satnav? 

It just has two, maybe three jobs, surely? Keep food cold, keep frozen stuff frozen and light up when you open it. What else could you possibly need from a fridge? OK, maybe cold water and ice – but that would be my absolute maximum, because, ya know, bottled water. 

Anyway. Once we’ve found the one, had it delivered and finally stocked it, I can’t wait to start a whole new family chapter in our new home. We’ve got so much to look forward to, and it feels like a fresh start for us, we all have our own space, the garden is big enough for 9 year olds to play football (AND it’s at the back of the house so I don’t even have to listen to them, RESULT!) 

Happy Days! 

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