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Make the most of your garden space, whatever the weather

Retractable Pergola

Why retractable pergolas are the must-have for your outdoor space. 

Now that summer is over, you spend your weekends looking at your gloomy garden in despair thinking about all the things you could be doing if the weather allowed it – playing with the kids, al fresco dining with friends or just reading a book outdoors. It’s currently pouring outside, and the cold is giving you constant shivers, the last thing you’re thinking about is going to your garden. 

What if I told you that there is a solution to this? A solution that allows you to enjoy your garden all year round, no matter if it’s raining or boiling outside – a retractable pergola is the perfect option. 

Are you scratching your head thinking that you thought that a pergola didn’t give you enough cover to protect you from rain and cold? That would be a traditional pergola and not its retractable alternative. Let me dive into it and explain the differences. 

As The Spruce mentions in an article, pergolas are an outdoor structure which consists of roofing grid of rafters and beams supported by columns. Traditionally these roofs are left open so there is a good amount of shade and sun coming in, however, this proved to be an issue in countries such as England (and I’m sure you know this), where it’s raining most of the time. 

Retractable Pergola

Designer Shade Solutions created an answer to this issue by crafting retractable roof pergolas. As they put it on their website, these innovative pergolas “allow you to sit in the shade or sun during warm months and if it starts to rain, they will immediately change to a waterproof pergola roof.”

These pergolas can also be complemented by glass side screens, heating and LED lighting for an enhanced outdoor experience and comfort in all weather conditions. Now you can understand why retractable pergolas are the must-have for your outdoor space. Visit Designer Shade Solutions today and find the perfect pergola for your garden area.


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