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Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Getting Your Home Style Ready For Spring - Life Daily

Everyone knows that Winter has its strong points, right? Cosy nights in, roaring fires and thick jumpers, hot chocolates and of course Christmas! But when the festive season has been and gone, and the New Year celebrations are a distant memory, everything can feel a little flat.

For me, I usually find that its my home that looks a little dull and tired, and all those little jobs that you’ve been putting off until after Christmas are suddenly looming large! Hardly helping your mood is it? Well, help is at hand; here you’ll find a few hints and ideas that will get you and your home feeling a lot fresher and ready to take on the year ahead!

Your Furniture

Have you finally fallen out of love with that old sofa? Has your dining room table served it’s last Christmas? Well, did you know that injecting a little bit of colour or just a little freshness as far as your furniture is concerned, can really boost your mood and any room. Contemporary furniture like what you’ll find at places like Danetti, could be the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a little inspiration!

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

With the warmer months approaching, you need to have a good rummage in that wardrobe, especially if it’s overflowing with thick, puffy coats, scarves and clumpy knitwear. When the warm weather hits make sure you have all your winter clothing – that you want to keep – stored away, either in boxes or in storage ready for later in the year. Go through all your spring/summer clothing and decide what you want to keep. Do you still fit in them? Are they still in good condition? Be brutal, if there is something that you could donate to charity, then do it! You’ll feel amazing!

Refresh Your Bedding

Just like your wardrobe and your clothing needs swapping around, the same applies to your bedding. Strip the bed and store away those thick tog duvets, wool blankets and flannel sheets for those colder months. Re-dress your bed with a lighter duvet and some fresh bedding. Treat yourself to some new sheets in light, airy colours. Remember to keep a throw nearby in case the nights get a little chilly!

Clean Out That Fridge

After possibly months of comfort eating and indulgence over the Christmas period, now is the time to open up that fridge door, arm yourself with a pair of rubber gloves and get to work. Remove any food items that are passed their sell-by date. If there’s something unopened that you no longer want (perhaps you’re on a health kick) then see if you can donate it to a local food bank. The same goes for your kitchen cupboards.

Deep Cleaning

If all else fails, get your cleaning gear out once again and put in some elbow grease. You’d be amazed at how good you feel and how amazing your home will look after it’s been given a good, deep clean. This also counts as a work out too!


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