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Getting Your Craft On With Design Bundles

Design Bundles Craft

We’re now well into week 8 of Coronavirus lockdown/situation and, if you’re anything like me, you’re running out of things to do, things to create, or even the enthusiasm to think of something to start with!

I’ve ticked a good few things off my list, painting the kids bedrooms & the hallway, sorting the garden out, clearing my wardrobe, sorting through all the out of date skin care goodies, rearranging the living room and the home office to name a few. Plus, of course, working, homeschooling (to a degree!) an eleven year old, and generally just getting through these crazy times.

Thank god my daughter is taking control of her own education, I couldn’t cope with her college work too!

But, there’s something about being housebound that brings out my creative side, I love painting & drawing, I could happily sit there for hours just painting abstract shapes and designs. My youngest clearly takes after his mother as he’s also been getting the paintbrushes out, creating a gorgeous picture for his Grandparents, which now takes pride of place in the hallway, in a handmade frame! It’s SO good to get him off the PS4 and engage a different side of his brain, there’s a whole lot less parenting guilt involved when he’s got a paintbrush in his hand rather than a controller.

There have been a lot of window displays for the NHS since lockdown started, which is so lovely, to show our support for those in the NHS who are working hard to protect us, and to add some colour to the walks that little ones are taking to break up the days. If you’re looking to make your own window display, Design Bundles has a huge selection of svg files with hundreds of graphics that could be used in windows, scrap books, posters for school work, anything that takes your fancy really!

The craft world is your oyster with Design Bundles!

It’s such a simple gesture, but one that means so much for NHS workers, they’ve always been the people that keep our country together, but now, more than ever, people are realising just how important they are. And it’s SO important to show them just how grateful we are for the incredible things they’re doing.

It’s also a good opportunity to switch off the screens and get your hands dirty, so to speak, while creating something colourful and has meaning. Same for the kids of the house, it’s so easy to get caught up in what they’re learning (or not learning) what they should be doing, and mostly, what they shouldn’t be doing! Doing something crafty is like a little reset for the mind, and it helps them feel like they’re doing something for the NHS as well, they’re just as worried as we are, so doing something proactive is a good thing!

It’s obviously relaxing but it’s also a great chance to have a chat with the kids, it’s so much easier for them to offload when they’re distracted by something else. The words just seem to flow. There’s no pressure from the parents looking directly at them, and it’s nice for them to just do whatever they want to do in their piece of art. Of course, it’s slightly more stressful when it’s smaller kids, unless you’re the kind of parent who’s chilled about mixed playdoh colours…..!


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