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LD Health // Are You Beach Ready? Who Gives A……!

Health // Are You Beach Ready? Who Gives A......!

What do you think you know about healthy eating? The best diets around! Drop 5lb by Tuesday! Get bikini ready! Ad infinitum….

All titles on magazines that I like to read, and all articles I’ve started skipping because I’m just so damn bored of reading crap like that. It seems no matter how much we all try to fight the “your body should look like this” theme, they keep on coming at us. 


I’m trying *really* hard (like, really, really hard) to not get sucked into it all again. I’ve spent countless years counting calories, following diet plans which make no nutritional sense to me, or anyone with an ounce of knowledge, fasting, cutting out this, and replacing with that. And it’s got me absolutely nowhere. I’ve lost weight, but, shocker, as soon as I start eating normally again, it all goes back on. 


So, in the interests of sanity (mine) and health (also mine) I’ve decided that, at the grand old age of 37 I am done with diets. Even if someone told me about the worlds best diet, I’d still be against it. My body has built up an internal groan to the word diet, and it now starts to make it’s way out of my mouth whenever it’s mentioned. Who would have thought it! 

I’m quite a sensible person. I know that natural foods are good for you. Fats are essential and refined carbs are basically sugar waiting to happen. I also know how gluten affects me, especially at certain times of the month, I get bloated to the point of severe pain & my jeans literally don’t do up, my skin breaks out and I feel crappy. So, for me, the only thing that makes sense, is cutting out the packaged, carb heavy stuff and going back to basics. If you know a food group is causing you problems, you’d be a fool to keep eating it huh! (insert eye roll here, because I did, for a long time!) 

Call it paleo, primal eating, intuitive eating – call it what you flipping like, I’m calling it my normal. Yogurts, honey, nuts, protein, veg, fruit. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll whack everything in my juicer and create something a little bit extra, but otherwise I’m just sticking to things that don’t have a whole list of ingredients on the label. Ya know, an apple is just an apple. There’s  nothing hidden in there. No ingredients to decipher, no questioning whether it’ll cause the mother of all bloats. 

It’s plain and simple. With a bit of inspiration, even the most boring vegetable in the world (which is up for debate in my house, sprout? Green bean? Cabbage? Cucumber?!) can be turned into something bloody delicious. You should borrow my husband, the accidental chef, he will make vegetable concoctions even he didn’t know existed. And they’re GOOD! 

Obviously, life is too short to refuse pudding, and quite frankly, that would make me one boring person. It’s never going to happen, but I think I’ve found my balance – I’m practically a grown up you know! It’s not about moderation, it’s about having a life and knowing that you can eat food, for health and for fun

And food is fun. All of it. Except the gluten. That can bugger off out of my life quite honestly. 

So pass me the fancy salad, the massive G&T and quite possibly a slab of dark chocolate and we’re good to go. Cheers! 


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