10 Things // The Gratitude List


I’m back! You missed me, didn’t you……? 

It’s been a bit of a ‘non’ week for me, I had to take some time off, proper time off, from everything and recover from a little op I had the weekend before, so I decided to step away from everything social media/work related and really enjoy the chance to not feel guilty about doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I can be very, very lazy, and I regularly enjoy doing absolutely sod all, but that’s in the physical sense. Mentally I will be planning this, organising that, researching something, scheduling another. I very rarely sit on the sofa and just be. 

So I did that. And I bloody needed it. It’s amazing how you can remove the guilt when a doctor tells you to rest! 

BUT, there’s always something to make you smile, or feel grateful, and I think, despite feeling like utter hell for the best part of the week, I also felt really loved and looked after by everyone in my life. So many people took time out of their lives to visit me, bring me little presents, send me cards, help with the school run, do some shopping for me, cook for me, make me lunch – how can you not feel loved when you have so many people looking after you! 

So, in the interest of positive thinking and the law of attraction, I’ve decided to do a Monday list, all the things that made me happy the week before. I’m aiming for 10, a nice round number, but I’m hoping, as I appreciate the smaller things in life, I’ll gradually end up with more and more things that make me smile. 

  1. Books. Because I took myself off my phone/iPad/computer in an effort to step away from distraction, I had time to actually finish a book I started, way back when in the summer, Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington, who is also the creator of my very favourite site, The Numinous. This is *my* book! It’s all about finding your mystic, a new age guide for chic seekers and modern mystics. As you know (or, you should!) I am very much into finding my thing. My calling. I don’t know what it is yet, but it’s definitely something mystic, so the fact that I got to finish the whole thing made me very, very happy. And there is so much research I can do now! 
  2. Baking. Banana bread to be exact. I’ve had a bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl just waiting to hit the right level of ripeness so I could finally make my own banana bread and it did not disappoint. Even the teenager who refuses to eat bananas was asking for seconds. SO good. I’m marking it as healthy as it’s full of bananas, ignoring the fact that there is brown sugar by the plentiful. A slice of this, while it’s still warm, with a cup of tea, perfection. 
  3. Family. I know, it’s a mushy one this week! Next week I’ll be back to being shallow I’m sure. But, for now, my family have been flipping amazing. The bloke has got up at 4.45 and still made packed lunches for me. My teenager has made breakfast for her and her brother every morning, AND made me a coffee before she goes to school. My parents have driven me, and the kids, around here there and everywhere. Feeling the love right now. 
  4. Friends. I honestly would have struggled this week without my crew, my girls. They have done every single school run (bar one!) for me, they’ve taken Charlie to play at their houses, to the local skate park, to cross country events. They have been my parenting back up. They’ve also supplied me with flowers, gin, cake, lunch, coffee and lots of chat. Bloody love my girls. 
  5. Home-cooked food. Is there anything better than having dinner cooked for you by your mum? I think not. I don’t care how old I am, my mum’s cooking is always going to be a treat. Cauliflower cheese if you’re wondering. Followed by a laze on the sofa watching Emmerdale, and then dropped home by my Dad. Bliss. 
  6. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Need I say more? 
  7. Vlogs. There is only so much daytime telly you can watch (although, Alphabet, ITV at 3pm is my new favourite!) so I did occasionally catch up with my two favourite vloggers (seriously, does anyone else dislike that word as much as me?) Caroline Hirons and Emma Hill. I will never, ever be able to vlog my way through life, mainly because it’s as boring as hell, so I like to watch theirs and pretend I could do it. I couldn’t. 
  8. Flowers. Oh look, here’s my shallow! I don’t care what the reason is, getting a bunch of flowers will always, always make me smile. I got the most gorgeous bunch of Lilies from the bloke in celebration of reaching 20 years together. Twenty flipping years! Plus some more from a girlfriend, and a sexy little plant from my parents. 
  9. My babes. How can they not make me smile. Even when they’re being little sh*ts they have the ability to make me laugh! I’ve been so proud of these two this week. Holly has got a part time job and has been managing that and her school work and Charlie got a golden award, a prefect award and helped with reading with the younger kids at school! We’ve grown good ones! 
  10. Hot baths with good bubbles. Always a pleasure, never a chore. 

What things have made you feel happy or grateful this week? 


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