Gratitude // The Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Gratitude // The Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Happy New Week!

God, I’ve been MIA for a while now. I keep falling in and out of love with blogging, and social media as a whole if I’m honest. So much of it is about showing off, making others feel bad, and, you know, the all too obvious passive aggressive stuff. I found myself taking steps away from it each day, and eventually, I was off it completely. 

I’ve kind of found a balance now, I’m over the oversharing. I like having days that no one knows about, I think that’s called a private life……? I’ll have to double check! 

The pressure to have some amazing images for Instagram, funny tales for Insta stories, events to blog about – it all got a little bit boring for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at other peoples days out, but I just can’t be bothered to document mine. 

But hey, if you’re interested in my day, by all means ask me! 

I want to get back into my blog, even if I’m the only person who reads it, it’ll be something interesting to look back on when I’m 84!

The act of writing, for me, that’s where the joy is. It’s not about who reads it, although that’s always a lovely thought, but having the time to sit down & reflect on my thoughts that day. To record things, as they happen, or even before or after, to see and hear the difference in my thoughts and feelings.

We’re all too busy focusing on the bad times, on what we do wrong, what we don’t do enough of. I’m over it. Last year there was a massive change in me, one that made me a better version of myself, but lately I’ve found myself being dragged back into the negative thinking, feeling guilty about things that aren’t my fault. The feelings of not being good enough. The difference is, I can see it happening now, and I’m able to step back from those feelings and remind myself that, actually, I am good enough. I do enough, I share enough & I try hard enough. 

Like I tell my own children, you can only do your best. If that’s not enough, then that’s not your problem. 

Gratitude // The Little Things That Bring Me Joy

So, in the interest of practicing gratitude, I’ve decided to at least make a concerted effort to write about things that bring me joy each week. No good harping on about these things if you can’t follow it through! Plus, to look back at these posts at the end of the year, it will be like a big old memory box with a little bit more permanence. 

Anyway. Let’s get on with it shall we? 

Waking up to natural sunlight. I recently read somewhere that sleeping with the blinds/curtains open helps you to wake up naturally, because the sunlight will wake you up gently, meaning you (should) feel less tired in the mornings. I’ve always slept with the window open, even when it’s snowing outside, because I can’t stand stale air in the morning, so now I have the blinds open and it’s gorgeous! Especially now the clocks have gone forward. I find myself waking up at 6ish every morning, which is perfect for the week days, and at weekends I can just roll over and go back to sleep – win win! 

The perfect honey & lemon tea that only Tom can make. Only I could get a stinking cold during the hottest April in 70 years. 

The excitement of a new royal baby! I never imagined that I’d be a Royalist, but, apparently, I am! I’m going with it being a little boy! 

Having the bi-fold doors open all weekend, until late evening, and not being cold. Our house is backwards, as in, the sun is always behind us, so it’s never really warm in here. Especially with giant, floor to ceiling doors, it can be freezing in the living room at the height of summer! The dogs were sunbathing, Charlie made a den on the grass, Tom & I were drinking Pimms after a good days gardening, it was heaven. Even the teenager graced us with her presence at one point! 

Late afternoon dog walks in the fields. That is my favourite time of day. I can be outside in the sun, without fear of getting burnt! I have been tagged in a million “ginger/sun” posts on FB this weekend but the sad thing is, they’re all true! I am not built to be in the sun without having easy access to shade. It’s my way of life & finally, aged 37, I am prepared for it! 

Aperol season. I’m yet to have my first Aperol but I’m counting down the days! 

Messages from good friends who just get it. They get you & they’ve got your back. When you’re having those “am I missing something here” moments and they tell you, clearly and honestly, that it’s not you & you’re not as bad as you think you are. Right when you need it most. 

Hearing his key in the lock after a week away. Even though you’re an independent woman who, obviously, has the whole working, parenting, life’ing thing nailed on your own, when the man you love comes home and you finally have him next to you again. That’s a good feeling. Even though I got to watch an entire Netflix series while he was away (Santa Clarita Diet S2!) I’ll always chose him over Netflix! 

Baby spider plants doing their thing, all by your own fair hands! I think we’re on baby number 8 now! 

Aldi candles, number 3 thank you very much. I will never let myself run out of those bad boys! 

Time to potter. Making the garden look pretty, dressing the table. New recipes, books, playlists. All of these things because you finally have a day off and a whole weekend clear – felt like a mini holiday with the sun shining too! 

Roll on next week & a whole new list of gratefulness. 


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