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Half Term Activities // Dreamland Margate

Half Term Activities // Dreamland Margate

Another day another activity! Don’t be fooled though, it’s not always just for the kids benefit, us parents enjoy a little bit of fun as well!

All work and no play…..

Half our family absolutely LOVE roller coasters and rides, the other half aren’t so keen but can manage them if they’re not too fast/scary/terrifying, so when we were invited to Dreamland in Margate, we were all over it!

Having never been to Dreamland (or Margate for that matter, as far as I can remember) we were intrigued as to what it would be like. Sometimes you can be a little spoiled when you’ve got places like Thorpe Park & Disney to live up to, but rather than competing with the high-tech thrills of those places, Dreamland has a gentle, retro version. Pure seaside fun.

Half Term Activities // Dreamland Margate

There are lots of old fashioned rides which have been refurbished, giving everything that vintage feel, without feeling like you’re on unsafe ground, which is always a plus. I absolutely love the whole look and feel of it! From the, slightly worryingly, old looking big wheel to the merry-go-round and swing chairs. There’s no high tech rides and it’s brilliant!

Think Waltzers with great music blaring (old school Queen!), rickety wooden slats on the Scenic Railway which takes you all the way round the grounds but not in a gentle, slow way, this is definitely a bit of a bone shaker! Pinball X, which we went on no less than three times – has you zooming round in a pinball, forwards, backwards, round and round. You get the idea.

The staff are all in bright t-shirts with slogans like Netflix and Thrill and Scream if you want to faster, coupled with bandannas, crazy sunglasses and brilliant attitudes!

There’s plenty of food and drink options available if you don’t want to take a picnic. We had an early stop off for some liquid refreshment and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Aperol on tap. Forget a boiling water tap, I need to get me one of those in my kitchen!

When we eventually stopped to eat we just grabbed a (huge) portion of chips each as we were planning on having pizza when we got home, but there were some great choices, pizza and prosecco for £10, jerk prawns, fish and chips as well as the classic burger and hot dogs. The food isn’t cheap, you’re looking at a good £50 for a family of 4 including soft drinks for lunch (Aperol was £7 a cup!) but I think that’s to be expected at places like this. It’s a shame, as I think if the food was a little cheaper, there would be a lot more families eating, but it is what it is!

We stayed outside the whole day, but there’s a roller-disco inside, plus loads of arcade games, and an Octopus’ garden for the little ones. There are also quite a few rides for the mini’s – all the rides have height restrictions – luckily my giant kids were well above the limits so they were free to go on everything.

Half Term Activities // Dreamland Margate

There were no huge queues for any of the rides, I think the longest we queued for was about 30 mins for Pinball X (round 1) but even that moved fairly quickly and you can get fast track tickets too.

Half Term Activities // Dreamland Margate

There are various payment options, you can either pay as you ride with a card that you can top up, rides cost around the £4 mark that way, you can buy a wristband (which gets you onto all the rides including the roller-disco) these cost £18 for the day if you buy them in advance, or £23 on the day, or you can become a member for £190 for a family ticket, which also gets you discounts on food and soft drinks, as well as the chance to book early for special events. All the ticket prices are here.


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