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Half Term Week – James Bond

I love half term. It’s a week (not too long!) of less rushing around and time to relax with the kids. I’m not such a fan of the six weeks holiday, I don’t care how much you love your kids, by the end of it you don’t want to talk to them for at least 3 weeks.

This week we have something to do almost every day, which is really nice. None of them require getting up early either, which is even nicer!

Yesterday was all about London as we had tickets to see the James Bond exhibition at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden. All the times we’ve wandered round Covent Garden, I’ve never noticed the Film Museum before, but it’s definitely on my radar now. The kids and I met the bloke in town and headed in that direction. It was, typically, p*ssing down so by the time we got there, we were soaked, but it was meant to be an adventure, so you know, all part of the fun…?

Having been bought up watching James Bond and now loving it myself (hello Daniel Craig) I was looking forward to seeing the cars, C was especially looking forward to it, he’s a serious car lover already, so I knew it would keep his attention, despite it not involving Minecraft or Xbox!

It wasn’t as big as I was expecting, when we were told to start off upstairs and work our way down, I think I was expecting upstairs to be more than a few framed images, but it was still interesting none the less. Downstairs is where everyone was mingling and snapping pictures, so we headed down there instead.

The hardcore fans out there would probably know which car was driven by which Bond without reading the accompanying descriptions, but it was a good touch to have the scenes playing behind each one. My personal fave was the car from Quantum of Solace, an Aston Martin DBS, complete with missing door and bullet holes! C was all about the green Jaguar with missiles from Die Another Day, with H also falling for an Aston Martin. Never let it be said I don’t raise kids with expensive tastes! (It’s a skill)

There was, of course, a gift shop on the way out, full of posters, pens, pencils and the Bond aftershave, but we managed to swerve that with a promise of hitting M&M world on the way home! Which I kind wish we hadn’t done because it was absolutely HEAVING in there! Imagine Ikea on a crazily busy 99% off sale day and times it by 2. What the hell!? Anyway..

It was interesting, and C loved it but I would have been annoyed if I’d headed there for an entire day. I think it took us just as long to get there as it did to walk round it, which was fine as we had planned it to be part of the day, not *the* day. But then I suppose it all depends on how long you decide to stay there, if you added in coffee and lunch in the cafe and took the audio tour I’m sure you’d be there a couple of hours.

The concession prices were pretty reasonable, £9.50 per ticket, but for larger families it still adds up! It was an experience though, and it’s pretty cool to say you saw Bonds car in the half term!







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  1. Pat
    February 19, 2015 / 7:26 am

    Interesting to see all the cars from previous Bond films, and especially for fans of these films!

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