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Dressing to feel good. The return of happy fashion!

Now, I’m not going to tell you to step away from the black, because, that would be ridiculous, but I am going to say *maybe* we could all start to inject a little bit of happiness into our wardrobes. I don’t know about you, but I am been wearing black/grey/white pretty much all winter, and it’s starting to depress me a bit.

Dopamine Dressing

Yes, that’s an actual thing – clothes designed to cheer us up. From crazy to the absolutely bonkers, there is something out there for every fashion taste. 
happy fashion

Who could be miserable when you’ve got something as happy as the Anya Hindmarch all over sticker sneakers stuck to your feet? Spring can finally spring (?) when you can throw on the Camo Shacket with badges *and* sequins people! Remember, sequins are not just for Christmas. 

If you’re not a fan of standing out, and sometimes we all want to blend into the background, throwing on a bag in a bright colour (and huge googly eyes, why not) can cheer you up just enough, without screaming “LOOK AT ME IN MY FUN CLOTHES” Because then you’re not fun, you’re a bit crazy and people won’t want to sit next to you on the tube ok? 

Happy Fashion

I am all over the badges, I love the blue shirt by Pimkie – coffee fan and girl power – this is me in one small sentence and if I can wear it on my shirt, then I’m going to do just that. 

I wouldn’t suggest wearing all of these things together, I mean, you can if you want but if I did it I would quite probably frighten most of the people who know me, but adding one to your usual look, whether it’s a bag, trainers or the shirt, it’s just enough to take you out of the winter slump and make summer feel just that little bit closer…..

Emojis don’t have to be confined to just your phone or iPad anymore, oh no. Wear those bright yellow faces with pride, forget PMA, this is all about PMD! 

Giant Sticker Vere Barrel Bag, £1995, Anya Hindmarch, Camo Shirt with sequins and badges, £39, ASOS, Pimkie Badge detail shirt, £21.99, ASOS, Multi Badge Mom Jeans, £42, ASOS, Eyes Cross-Body Bag, £795, Anya Hindmarch, Over Sticker Sneakers, £495, Anya Hindmarch.


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