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Happy Fathers Day

These are the best men in the world. These two (three!) are the men that the rest of the world have to live up to.

My Dad. The best Dad, Dada, friend and role model, he’s always there, always constant. I know that no matter what mess I get myself into (and there have been a few!) he’ll sort it one way or another, and he won’t make me feel like it’s all my fault (unless it is!) He’s got a great relationship with the Little Ones, they love him to death. He has his own nickname that Little Miss created years ago and its stuck. Dada. That’s who he is and we love him.

Daddy. The littlies Daddy, my hubs. You’re Little Miss’s Prince Charming, Little Man’s hero and my best friend. Thank you for being you. We love you!

Happy Fathers Day to the two best men in the entire world.

We love you.



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