Stylish Homes and Film Locations



I hold my hands up. I have a confession to make. I am addicted to looking into other peoples houses. 

My favourite time of day is when it’s starting to get dark outside (I’m aware this sounds a bit creepy, it’s not meant to!) and people start putting their lights on inside, but don’t shut the curtains, so you can see what their houses look like. 

It’s like a sneaky peek into their lives. And their style. 

Instagram enables this even more. I could literally spend hours (I do spend hours) looking at peoples homes, in their feeds, on their stories, and it just gives me SO much inspiration. 

I would never have had the guts to paint our living room downpipe grey, or found the perfect pink bedding, if it hadn’t been for the amazing homes I coveted from afar, and sometimes, well, most of the time, real life homes are so much better than something you see in a magazine, because you can imagine how your family life would fit in. 


There are quite a few houses that I follow on the old ‘gram that are actually location houses, which, you know, living the dream?! Imagine having a house so stylish, you’re part of a locations agency and you have TV shows, films, adverts, magazine shoots done at your house, and you make a living from it!? 

Sign me up. 

Except, probably, I’ll need to move first. 

They say it’s good to have goals, so I’m putting this out there to the universe, or whoever may be listening. One day, we will have a house that is beautiful enough to be an actual location home. 

There are so many huge houses (yes, my dream house will be huge, I have two kids and two dogs, it’s needed) that have no style. It pains me, when you see a kitchen that’s been moved from brochure to home, or white washed walls, beige carpets and bland furniture. Where is the personality? The passion? THE STYLE! (I sound like I’m the queen of style, I’m clearly not, but I do have a thing for personality in homes).


One of my most favourite homes in the world is House Curious on Instagram. If you don’t follow her, you should. Her home is used for events and creative workshops as well as a location, it’s *that* flipping stunning. She also has an interiors and lifestyle boutique – it is literally stunning. I want to live there. 

Obviously, I can’t. That would be creepy. But, just taking away little snippets of design, that I might not have otherwise seen, like the bar along the wall, the beautiful plants in baskets, the hanging chair in the kitchen area, or the gallery wall. It just gives you inspiration to move things around in your own home, swap items that you wouldn’t necessarily think to put there, but, hey! They work! 

Our house is an ongoing project, but it’s one of those ones where you just think ‘meh’ because it’s not our forever house, and, in an ideal world, we’ll be out of here in a few years. The garden is too small and dark, the bedrooms aren’t big enough, and I’ve written before about how much I hate not having a separate living room for when the little darlings are driving me insane, so I kind of resent making this house look good, when I know (hope!) we’ll be starting again. But, you’ve got to make what you’ve got now, work, haven’t you? Where you live needs to be beautiful, make you smile, and inspire you. 

Plus, who knows, by the time we move, I might have a whole new style to implement! 




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