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Tile Trends of 2017 … So Far!


We’re over halfway through 2017, which is pretty hard to believe! Honestly it feels like we were only just getting over Christmas and here we are in July, complaining that it’s just too hot and trying to locate the nearest fan because of course; we can’t handle anything over 20 degrees. Whilst the seasons have changed so have a number of trends throughout the home, including tiles. We’ve been working closely with those little scamps over at Tile Monkey to discuss what’s ‘in’ this year!

The first trend that has proved incredibly popular through the first half of the year is a familiar six-sided face, the hexagon tile. Suitable for both floors and walls, hexagon tiles are available in an array of sizes, colours and finishes in order to lend themselves to which ever setting you see fit. This style allows you to play around with multiple colours and offers a fun and modern vibe to any room as well as creating a statement too. Although this trend was used way back in Roman times, it has seen a rise in usage within the modern home over the last 12-18 months and shows no sign of slowing in popularity – don’t miss this bandwagon!

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? No, this is Bohemian tiles, not Bohemian Rhapsody! Making a bigger comeback than Take That, patterned tiles are officially back in and they make for a perfect feature wall. With so many designs available you’ll be spoilt for choice but allow us to take you through a few of our favourites to help with the decision. First up we have ‘Artisan’, when you think of anything Artisan it’s easy to revert back to the Victorian era. Classy swirls that ooze elegance, subtle but effective. This pattern is sure to impress any visitors and make a lasting impression on them. As the pattern comes in mostly neutral tones its really easy to pair it with any colour scheme that you may have in mind. Another firm favourite in the pattern department is patchwork tiles, also known as the quilt effect. This eclectic mix of random patterns adds depth and character to any wall, as well as being super-fun and pretty nostalgic for some!


Now onto the hottest colours right now, and at the moment there is only one – Green. Named as Pantone’s ‘colour of the year’ and described as a colour that symbolises new beginnings, it’s guaranteed to make anyone green with envy. So what better way to celebrate this glorious colour than in the form of a tile? As there are so many different shades of green available and such an array of designs to suit any home, we’re confident that there’s a perfect tile out there for everyone. So whether you’re a lover of a traditional olive metro tile or you’re a fan of a bold green herringbone, there’s a shade of green out there to suit you!

The last trend, but certainly not least, is the natural wonder that is stone tiles. Now there are a lot of tiles that can fall under this category but the ones we’d like to focus on are Slate, Granite, Marble and Travertine. Each of the above materials have their own pros and cons but they are all undeniably beautiful and can transform any room within your home, in fact the natural effect is really in at the moment and more and more homes are looking to create that rustic farm house vibe. If you’re a fan of this look then natural stone tiles are the one for you, but please don’t feel limited to the materials listed above, there are so many more available and all of them are just as stunning as the other.

So there you have it, just a few of my favourite tile trends taking 2017 by storm!


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