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How many "Katie’s"….

While I was busy tidying up/playing mega bricks/plaiting hair this morning, I was also letting my mind wander (who says women can’t multitask?) and daydream about all the things I want to do. This got me to thinking about all the “roles” I play day to day.

No.1: Obviously Mummy is my number one role. This one comes above anything and everything else. Its probably THE hardest job, the lowest pay, but the most rewarding. I don’t claim to be good at it, but I try my hardest. Usually when the babies are in bed, I think about all the the things I could have done better/differently/more of/less of. This is normally followed by a guilty feeling, and the promise to myself that I will do it differently the next day. (Only for them to wake up at 6.30am and wreck the flat instantly and I start all over again….)who was it exactly that decided motherhood should be accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of guilt….?

No.2: Next up is Wifey role. Again, pretty average at this! Some days I can be super wife and others (mostly its others) I’m a snappy, tired, moody replacement of the woman he met 13 years ago! Poor sod. I keep telling him I’m L’oreal (worth it) but I should really pull my socks up and get better at the good stuff. (Don’t tell hubby I put that in writing though!)

No.3: Daughter. Not really much to “do” in this role, but my parents are important to me, and I count them both as two of my best friends, so I try and behave! I like to speak to my Mum daily, and both of us worry if the other hasn’t replied to a text within an hour! Hopefully I’ve made the proud somewhere along the line.

No.4: Friend. I don’t get to see my friends nearly as much as I would like. My “mummy” friends and I see each other at the school gates, baby groups, play dates and the like, but I can’t remember the last time we had a glass of wine and a chat that involved sitting down and relaxing! Ahhh, those were the days!

No.5: A bit of everything. Cook, cleaner, referee, shopper, chauffeur, audio typist, all these things happen every week but don’t have an important role, they’re just things I do. And I do them a lot, although that doesn’t equal me enjoying them all either!

No.6: Me! In my head I still have room for all my ideas. Planning is my favourite past time, I’m already planning my hallway of my new house (which we’ve yet to find) which will be covered in Polaroid photos (yes, need to buy a Polaroid camera too) but I know how it will look. I also know I want to get into writing “properly” and I also want my babyboo design to take off, hubby’s photography to take over from his normal day job, and give me an excuse to get my own desk and workspace so I can stop stealing Little Miss’! I’m also a very fashionable, together woman who never gets stressed. But, I did say that was in my head….!

So there we go. Six roles, none that I can claim to excel at, but still! They do say its the thought that counts! How many roles do you play in your life?



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