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How To Decorate Your Home According To Your Star Sign

If you check your horoscope regularly (puts hand up) and think there’s real value in the magical power of astrology, then you probably know all about your personality based on your star sign. Even if you’re slightly sceptic, you can’t deny that the year 2020, hello magical angel number, brings with it a sense of mystery and cosmic excitement.

A new year, a new decade, why not a whole new interior look based on your star sign. Sign me up!

Wayfair have partnered with Francesca Oddie and Sally Kirkman, two pro astrologers, to create a guide on how to decorate your home based on where the stars were aligned when you were born, helping you to fill your home with things that exactly match your personality.


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ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19) Natural born leaders with a huge curiosity to try new things, Aries are enthusiastic when it comes to interior design and love to journey their way through the top trends. An impulsive nature means that storage space is critical, as you lose interest in a new hobby pretty fast. Adding bursts of gold, yellow and crimson helps stimulate your creative mind and fiery personality. That being said, hanging a motivational quote or two helps remind you of your goals to win big in 2020.

As an Aries, headstrong and a natural born leader, obviously, I am all over this! I am known to have a motivational quote (or 50) hanging around the house/my phone/instagram just ready and waiting for the right moment!

I’ve always read my star sign every day, ever since I can remember. I started off reading it in my parents morning paper, then I moved onto magazines and, of course, I’ve graduated to having an app for that! Every day I get an alert to remind me to see what the stars have in store for me, and I love it. I find it fascinating, more often than not it’s exactly bang on the money and I really think it helps you to learn more about yourself.

If you delve a little deeper and find out your moon sign (mine is Aquarius) you can find out even more about yourself. I’m going to apply both of these to my decorating because they’re both me, in very different ways.

What do you think? Does your star sign match your interiors style? I’d love to know!


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