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HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Mine would be something like a faster metabolism, or smaller waist, the normal kind of thing. I think if you asked my nine year old, he’d say something along the lines of being able to swap his feet for wheels whenever he felt like it. 

Ask him to walk to school and back, and you’re asking the world. Tell him he can do it on two wheels and he is out the door quicker than you get your shoes on. 

I’m not sure if it’s because it gets him there quicker or because it’s easier (or both) but, whatever stops him from moaning gets a massive tick in my book. 

He has always loved riding his bike, he took a while to learn without the stabilisers, but once he got there, all fear was gone. 

Yay. Danger child. 

The genes are strong in our family, like father like son couldn’t be more apt when it comes to sports. Especially cycling. The bloke used to photograph the Tour de France every year, he was away for 4 weeks solid travelling around France on the back of a motorbike and even took one of the most iconic pictures of Lance Armstrong, I guarantee you’ve seen it. So they both love watching it on TV in any form, Olympics, TdF, however they can get it. 

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

Chris Hoy has been a well known name for a long time, he’s one of GB’s most successful Olympic athletes, with six gold and one silver medals. He’s also won Sports personality of the year and been given a knighthood, so, you know. He’s done OK….! 

He retired from competitive cycling in 2013 and turned his hand to launching a range of HOY bikes. Which is where Chris & Charlie meet. Charlie was sent the most amazing new bike from the HOY range, the Bonaly. It’s one of the best selling bikes, named after the area of the Pentland Hills where Chris Hoy rode his first mountain bike. 

The old Bonlay was light, but this new version is even lighter. It has fewer spokes, foam padding in the seat, narrower cranks that put the feet closer together which makes a big difference to how kids ride. It’s literally light enough to be carried if you need to, which, I would imagine you would if you’re riding it around hills and ditches! 

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

Obviously it looks amazing, Charlie is obsessed with the brake discs – this is a huge style tick for him and he has told anyone who will listen that Chris Hoy has sent him a new bike, and that it has brake discs. I mean, why would you not! 

We took the Bonaly out for a test drive on Saturday when it came. The first thing to note was how easy it was to set it up. Obviously it comes in a box, and so the front wheel and handlebars have to be twisted so they form a straight line. There was no need to hunt high and low for 2 wrenches or spanners (or whatever they’re called) because on the HOY bike you just needed an allen key. 

Why has this not been thought of before?

Quick fix up, put the pedals on, and away we go. 

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

HOY Bikes With Evans Cycles // Riding Through The Summer

There are 9 gears on this bike, apparently both my son & husband know enough about gears to understand them (I drive an automatic, what does that tell you) but using the right gears meant the kid could get up and down the forest tracks without so much of a whine. Praise the gears! In fact, he loved it so much he managed to ride almost 4 miles. In one go. Without stopping to tell us he couldn’t ride anymore. 

That is a bloody brilliant achievement, Sir Chris Hoy, you deserve your MBE for that alone. 

These bikes are incredible. There are a whole range available at Evans Cycles, from kids bikes to hybrids, womens to road bikes, plus accessories and clothing in the range. The Bonaly 26″ Disc Bike costs £465 and comes in two colour ways. The entire range is available here.

A massive thank you to Evans Cycles & Chris Hoy for this #gift – but as always, all thoughts are my own! 


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