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I Shoes You…

I Shoes You...

Shoes: can you really have too many?

According to research, the cost of the average woman’s shoe collection sits at just over £600 – with around four fifths of us owning at least one pair that we’ve never even worn. Put like this, it might seem like a bit of an embarrassing waste of money (not to mention space). After all, you can only wear one pair of shoes at the same time!

But there’s a reason that so many of us elect to invest in vast collection. Different shoes suit different purposes. You wouldn’t wear the same footwear to the beach that you would on a night out in November. What’s more, a change of footwear can have a considerable impact on the way that your overall outfit looks, and thus they’re a great way to mix things up. Shoes come in an enormous variety of shapes, colours and materials, and thus a large enough collection will offer something to match just about every mood.

Unlike the other items of clothing hanging in our wardrobes, shoes won’t stop fitting if we gain or lose weight. If a shoe fits and is comfortable when you first put it on, then the chances are that it’ll remain loyal throughout their lifespan.

And, of course, most shoes are inherently pretty – every time you buy a pair you’ll get a little dopamine rush that’ll keep you coming back to spend a portion of your paycheck on an item of clothing that you might never wear. Online shopping makes things even easier; you don’t need to spend hours fighting through the shopping-centre crowds on a Saturday afternoon, when instead you can just click on a few icons and have them arrive on your doorstep a few days later?

So, just as some people collect books, and some people collect coins, and others collect stamps, some people (mostly women) collect shoes. There are worse things to hoard!

How to get your shoe collection organised

One of the major downsides of a huge shoe collection is the space they’ll take up in the hallway, and at the bottom of your wardrobe. Unfortunately, most women don’t make the best use of the available space. To do this, you’ll need to get creative with shoe racks and built-in wardrobes. The right rack will allow you to conveniently stack shoes right next to each other, which means less empty space, and more efficient storage.

Probably the most space-efficient and convenient storage solution comes in the form of a sliding shoe rack. These are mounted on castors, and work in the same way as drawers, usually sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe. A bespoke solution from a fitted furniture company like Hammonds will help you get your shoe collection into browsable order.


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