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Life (Daily) Catch Up – Interiors Face Lift

Life (Daily) Catch Up - Interiors Face Lift Boys Room

I can’t actually believe we’re already halfway through the year. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of summer so far, or the fact that I’m getting older (and so the entire year just passes by in a bit of a blur) but I feel like time is whizzing by but nothing much is happening at the same time. 

I mean, we’re only 5 weeks away from the end of term, and I am definitely not ready for that at all. I’m pretty sure we only just took the Christmas tree to the garden centre for recycling… (this is actually quite possible with us) 

I feel like we’ve been in hibernation mode for a little longer than normal this year, just enjoying being at home and spending time together. It’s been exactly what we’ve needed, there has been zero FOMO from me, I have just been content to go to work, come home & switch off. I’m sure (maybe) when the warmer weather hits us, and sticks around for a little longer, I’ll want to go out and celebrate with an Aperol or two, but for now, my tush is quite happy being on the sofa next to my favourite people and their tushes. 

I have, of course, been planning a few bits and bobs. Naturally. 

We’ve worked our magic on the (tiny) garden we have, and it’s starting to look nice. We still have grass issues (and I’m still debating fake grass!) but that aside, my flowers are about to bloom, the patio area looks lovely and we just need a few more fairy lights dotted around the place. And a patio heater, because my garden is sun shy. A bit like me. 

Now my attention is moving towards the bedrooms. Starting with the Boy’s room. He changes his mind daily about what colour he would like it, we’ve gone from black (not going to happen) to jungle themed (I have to admit, I like this idea) so we’re not quite decided on colours yet, but that’s fine because we have a whole load of crap to get rid of first. He’s a little bit of a hoarder is my son. We have boxes and boxes of toys that are from way back when, he’s not played with them for years but he will not part with them! 

During the long, long six weeks, we’re going to grab some packing boxes from somewhere like Shurgard Self Storage and we’re going to create some piles. Piles of toys we have to keep, toys we can give away and toys that simply have nowhere else to go but to the big toy heaven. It’s sad, but he’s growing up now and he’s more interested in his bike, scooter, iPad and Xbox. And cuddles of course. Never too big for a cuddle from your Mum. 

Once we’ve done that, we’ll be able to see what furniture needs replacing, adding or just removing and then, finally, we can decide what colour we’re going to paint it. Obviously I love a feature wall (I have my eye on bricks for our room) and I can’t say I’m opposed to a jungle theme, but the difference between me and the 9 year old is, he wants the jungle theme ALL OVER. We’re talking ceiling, walls, bedding, the lot. I do have something in mind which I think will be right up his street & something that no one else has, which is always a big box ticker for me! Plus, it will really suit his personality…..! 

Watch this space! 


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