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Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir Review

Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir Review

My skin and I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship. I’ve spent years trying to get rid of cystic acne that seems to come and go of it’s own choosing, leaving me feeling like a spotty teenager. 

I’ve (touch wood) found a regime now that seems to work for me, and I am SO pleased about it. I still check my chin every morning to make sure there are no new lumps appearing, and it still feels like Christmas when I discover there’s not! 

My routine is the same, every single day. I double cleanse, once with a Face Halo and then a second time with a cleansing oil and flannel. Just to make sure everything is off. I use an acid toner or a glycolic scrub from Nip & Fab. A vitamin C serum under moisturiser during the day, and Skin Elixir from Jane Scrivner in the evening. 

Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir Review

Skin Elixir is a daily moisturiser, but, because I have quite oily skin, I find it a little too good at it’s job for day time so I tend to stick to this being my bedtime routine. 

It’s an organic jojoba oil, rich in essential fatty acids to balance sebum production and feed the skin with vital nutrients, and replenish with lipids to maintain and fortify barrier function. 

What I love about this oil is you only need one pump for your whole face, which means the 30ml bottle is going to give you seriously good bang for your buck. (30ml is £29) It soaks into your skin, but still feels like it’s there, without being too heavy or sticky. There are so many oils that leave you sticking to your pillow, or your hair to your face, this isn’t one of them.

Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir Review

It contains sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and sweet orange so it smells incredible and it works to prevent premature ageing, improves elasticity and balances dry, oily and dehydrated skin equally. 

Jane has spent a lifetime in the beauty industry and really knows her stuff when it comes to oils and ingredients. She is a firm believer in moving away from solving skin issues, instead creating a healthy skin directly at the source. It’s quite simple for her, in that you have to keep the barrier function (a natural blend of oils and water) and the acid mantle healthy. Feeding, restoring, nourishing and replenishing with healthy skin food. The skincare 5 a day. Just like you would your entire body, which makes perfect sense! 

Jane Scrivner Skin Elixir is available here for £29.

*this product was gifted in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.  


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