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Skincare Favourites with Jojoba

Jojoba Garnier skin care

My skincare regime goes from A* to U depending on how I’m feeling. You know, how tired/busy/enthusiastic I am, and bizarrely, how good my skin is looking. When it’s looking and feeling good (usually after I’ve been looking after it) I end up slacking on the skin care front. A bit like when you forget to take your antibiotics when you start feeling better. 

Wait, that’s not just me is it? 

At the moment, unsurprisingly, my skin is looking rubbish. Grey, dry, flaky, and dehydrated. We won’t even discuss the state of my eyes, because they’re bearing the brunt of all the emotions right now. If only puffy, squinty, knackered looking eyes were in. 

I am trying to up the care anti. Moisturising masks, oils, hydrating creams and plenty of water, in a vain attempt to look even half human. 

100% Natural Jojoba

My go to oil at the moment is by Jojoba. Because it’s 100% natural, (which always sells itself to me) and is said to balance, protect, moisturise, nourish and soothe. Not going to lie, I’d like to Jojoba oil my life right now, not just my face. 


Over the last ten years, the Jojoba Company has pioneered the research of the effects of jojoba on human skin and developed a range of products for skincare and beauty needs.

Back in the eighteenth century, missionaries discovered that Native Americans all had flawless skin, despite their harsh living conditions (probably harsher than South East London, lets be honest here) and found that the women were applying the liquid wax from the jojoba plant, which was the only plant know to produce a substance identical to the liquid wax produced by human skin. 

The oil can be used on the face, body, cuticles, hair, lips and hands and is a good product to use if you’re suffering from some kind of skin condition like acne, eczema, sunburn or even bites. I have been using 2 or 3 pumps into my hands and sweeping it over my face in the evening, even the act of doing it is relaxing, plus it smells quite nice. 

Jojoba Skin Care

Hydrating Day Cream

The hydrating day cream is a lot more lightweight, quickly absorbed and perfect for under make up. In fact, it’s quite popular in this house as the husband seems to have taken a shine to it and whacks it on his face before he leaves for work every morning.

Because it’s not overly scented, doesn’t leave an oily residue and literally soaks into the skin within seconds, it actually suits a male face well. And a female face. Any face really. 

It contains olive leaf extracts, Siberian ginseng and beta gluten (nope, no idea) create a long acting moisturiser that protects and nourishes skin. Clinically proven to increase the production of elastin by up to 97%. 

Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream and Oil

On a side note, my favourite tissue mask, by far, has to be the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb, which is just £1 from Superdrug, it feels flipping amazing on the skin, and I love that you can feel it soaking into your face. 

There are probably (definitely) more amazingly expensive ones out there, I know TKMaxx are all over the tissue masks, and I love them for it, but for £1 a mask, you could afford to use this 2 or 3 times a week (or every day if you wanted to!) and you won’t feel like you’re wasting money, and I love, love, love it. 

*contains pr samples


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