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Keeping Yourself Healthy Through Tough Times

Keeping Yourself Healthy Through Tough Times

When you’re going through or have gone through tough times, it’s important to maintain time for you and your body, to stay healthy. It’s very easy to let ourselves slip off the wagon but for the sake of your life and those lives around you, here are a few ways to keep yourself on top form.

Eat Well

When we get stressed or upset, we tend to comfort eat. And the food we eat is not always the healthiest for your body. It’s perfectly fine to do it every so often, of course, we should indulge, but if it’s a daily indulgence, your body can soon stop functioning at its usual level. You might become sluggish, irritable and it can end up with you spiraling downwards even further.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables so that the relevant nutrients and minerals are going into your body. Take into consideration your body’s need for protein and iron which you can get from meat and fish. Tofu is also a great sauce of protein if you are a vegetarian.

Stay Hydrated

Water is great when you’re looking at how to treat dehydration. As most of our body is made up of the stuff, we need to be drinking plenty of it to stay healthy. From hangovers to the common cold, water can be a surprisingly good medicine even though it’s just H2o!

Try to drink a few pints a day if possible. It does mean that you may be going to the toilet more often though…

Make Time For Self Care

Self-care is always important and should be done regularly because we all need it, whether we practice it or not. We’re sometimes always thinking about others before putting ourselves first so when you can set aside some time to do something that’s just for you. It might be having a long soak in a hot bath or treating yourself to a trip to the movies. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it often. This can have a great impact on both your body’s health but also your mental health.

Get Plenty Of Rest

Rest is your body’s way of saying it needs to recover, so don’t deny a bit of rest whether in the form of an afternoon nap or weekend lie in. It can be helpful if you’ve fallen ill or recovering from a turbulent situation, to get sleep so that your body can heal. Try and aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night and take some time both at night and in the morning to wind down or wake yourself up gently.

Talk It Out

Talking it out is going to help you feel a lot better than bottling up the emotions. When we go through something bad or if we’re feeling upset, the power of just talking it through can do wonders to our health, especially our mental state. Never feel like speaking to someone is shameful because it isn’t. We all need connection, particularly if we’re going through something bad that life’s thrown at us.

Life can be cruel sometimes but with these tips and acknowledging that there’s light at the end of the tunnel is what will help you get through these hard moments in life. 


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