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School’s out for summer! 

School’s out forev…… actually, it’s not. It’s only out for 7 weeks but lets not be greedy because quite frankly that’s more than enough time for it to be out, thanks all the same! 

Now both my little darlings are home, I’m looking at them and thinking “aw, God love them, I can’t wait to spend 7 solid weeks together”. Ha! I am so not. I’m thinking more along the lines of, “Shall we book a last-minute holiday…..?”

Apparently, Google says that last-minute holiday searches are up 269% month on month, and we all know that’s because kids are breaking up from school, parents are loath to spend ridiculous amounts of money just because we’re in July or August (grrrr, don’t even get me started) but, when push comes to shove, we all want to jump on a plane and feel the sun on our skin. Which is where the joy of a last-minute holiday comes in! 

Online travel agency loveholidays analysed last-minute bookings from all of its customers over the country to find out who goes where and the results are quite interesting! 

They’ve created the loveholidays travel trend finder (try saying that quickly) where you can enter your city and find out where you should go (or avoid!) if you want to holiday with your actual neighbours. 

Obviously, I wanted to see where the Surrey and Sussex people are prone to visiting, and Cyprus was top for Sussex, with USA coming in a close second – Malta and Egypt were 3rd and 4th place – so it’s good to know I’ve been to 3 out of 4 of those places! USA will be soon, I am sure of it! 

Weirdly, Sussexonians (totally made that up in case you weren’t sure) are less likely to visit places like Greece, Mexico and Bulgaria! The lowest ranking was Portugal, with -41% below average. So Sussex aren’t keen on golf, is that what we’re saying? I have lost count of the amount of people I know in ‘real life’ who hit the Portuguese soil just to whack some balls around! 

Us Londoners are all over late bookings for Jamaica, which is four times higher than the national average, and, my personal favourite, Paris is holding tight as a favourite city break destination, but St Lucia was coming in 500% higher than the average! Looks like Londoners are more likely to book long haul than those up North, who prefer to go short haul. 

If you’re Essex based, then you’re going for Croatia, Mexico – and you’re not overly keen on Cuba or the Dominican Republic…. anyone from Essex out there fancy telling me why? Because Cuba is definitely on my list! 

My Scottish pals (hi!) are split all over the place. Glaswegians are twice as likely to go to the Canary Islands, whereas those in Edinburgh prefer the US! 

I’d love to know the psychology behind our choices, I wonder if it’s because we have preconceived ideas about places, if it’s been passed down through generations, or if it’s more to do with how much each of us earn, or how much flights cost from each destination? 

loveholidays think we’re all going to grab a few more last minute deals, especially after the World Cup and by using their website we can find the perfect destination, however we work out what that is – price, weather, budget or board – or even if it’s just because you’ve always wanted to go there regardless! 

If you fancy having a little play, the interactive travel trend finder is here: https://www.loveholidays.com/holidays/last-minute-holidays-revealed.html/


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