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LD Home // Let There Be (Candle) Light!

LD Home // Let There Be Light!

On the 28th October the clocks will go back (spring forward, fall back – it’s the only way I can remember it) and that means we’re going to get into the cosy lighting stage of the year. 

You know, when it gets dark early and we need hundreds of beautiful scented candles to light the way. 

Don’t tell me that’s just me. I won’t believe you. 

I am candle obsessed. Obsessed I tell you. I have at least 3 in every room. Some haven’t been used (yet) because their first burn has to be for a minimum of 4 hours, otherwise they’ll never burn evenly and that is highly annoying. If you’re a candle rebel and don’t follow this rule, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. 

Obviously, you can’t live you whole life by candlelight. Because, well, it would be dangerous no? Imagine – chopping up the veggies for a roast in the dark. All kinds of accidents waiting to happen. So, you know, lightbulbs and all that. 

We’re (I say we, I mean me) trying to go greener now we’ve moved. We have more room for recycle & food bins. I’m trying to use my tumble dryer less, grow my own herbs more, and, I am desperately trying to reduce the amount of energy we use (and money we spend!)

LED Hut have a huge range of LED bulbs which are meant to be money saving geniuses – so we’re all over that. I am not, and never will be a fan of energy saving bulbs that take 3 hours to increase to a level bright enough to actually see what you’re doing, but I’m sure we’re coming on leaps and bounds in that area. 

There’s certainly a time and a place for low level lighting, but there’s also times when you need bright and beautiful. Our dining room for example, is now a place for romantic dinners for two (if we ever get to be alone again) and homework battle central. We have a GCSE’r in the family this year (holy crapping hell) and all the revision is being done downstairs, in the dining room, where I can make sure it’s going to plan. So the candles go out and the big lights go on. 

We almost need a few different light settings for each room – depending on what’s happening in there. And of course, we need a few more candles and a very lovely lampshade to compliment the new dining room…..




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