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Life Daily Home// Skirting Around The Issue

Life Daily Home// Skirting Around The Issue

Life Daily Home – it’s my subject of choice at the moment, I’m still caught up in that new home bubble! Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back to skincare very soon though, fear not! 

Usually, I’m all about the flooring, wall colours or interiors when it comes to home stuff, but it can’t all be fun and games can it! There are a few areas of the home which are a little more, shall we say, boring, but essential. 

Skirting boards. 

Bless ’em. Not exactly the most riveting subject matter eh? But, that inconspicuous piece of wood that runs around the bottom of every single room in your house can stand out a little bit more, if you’re so inclined! 

Skirtings R Us have different types available, if you’re anything like me, you won’t have known this is an option, but now you do, you’ll be looking at your skirting boards in a whole new light! With a little bit of imagination you can really go to town on the good old skirting board. 


Usually, the typical skirting board is painted white gloss, no matter what the colour of the walls. By painting the boards the same colour all over it gives the appearance of more space, which is a great idea in a smaller room. 

Bold & Fabulous

Going the opposite way, you can paint the skirting boards a completely different colour. Think neon pink, gloss black, Coke can red, the world is literally your oyster. If you’re making a ‘thing’ of your skirting board, then there’s not going to be a colour that won’t work! If you love it, try it! 

Pastel Shades

In children’s rooms you can go a little softer, if that’s the theme you want to follow, calming greens, pinks, blues or even yellow work really well, and if they’re on the paler side, they will go with most wall colours. They would look amazing with white walls too – which means the room can grow with the little one! 

Glitter Madness

If I had the chance to use glitter paint, in any room, I’d use it! I absolutely LOVE this idea, when is there not a time and place for glitter? There are plenty of paints available which combine colour with sparkle and it will really add a look to your room! In fact, go all out glitter! 

Size Matters

Skirting doesn’t have to be the same 3 -4 inches, you can use any size you like. By using tall skirting it makes it a feature of the room, rather than something everyone has. Kind of like a frame for your room. The ceiling architraves can be the same size, and even the same colour – really creating an unusual look for your home. 

Life Daily Home// Skirting Around The Issue

Light Me Up

Lighting up the flooring isn’t just a look reserved for planes and boats you know. By using LED lighting, in spotlight or strip form can look amazing. I have always planned to do something like this in the kitchen, lights around the whole of the kitchen, ideally ones that change colour (this is just me of course!) to really add something special to the room. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I love spending time in there cooking and creating treats, so why not make it look a little bit extra! It would also work in a kids room, as an alternative to a night light! 

There are so many ways you can style what is usually a forgotten part of your home! 


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