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Loving this summer we’re not having….

It is July isn’t it? I’m just asking because this morning I was hunting around in my wardrobe for my winter boots. (They’re packed away, I assumed it would be warm, silly me!)

The kids will be breaking up from nursery and school soon, which leaves 6 weeks to find entertainment for an eight year old and a two year old. Entertainment which would be a LOT easier if it was dry outside. Pretty please?

We’re not going on holiday this summer, we’re planning something for a Little Miss’ 9th birthday, but right now I’m dreaming of getting away from everything wet , grey and miserable and escaping to somewhere hot! Somewhere like Grenada would be nice, or St Lucia, I’m not fussy. A villa holiday would be perfect! Lounging by the pool all day, eating out in the evening. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

We’ve not had a proper sun holiday for quite a long time now, what with having babies, trying to make babies, buying flats, changing jobs, nearly croaking it after giving birth, holidays have sort of been the luxury that’s forgotten, but now the babes are both old enough to enjoy the travelling we’re planning on showing them a little bit of the world.

Next year I might just get that villa holiday dream, in the meantime, where did I put my umbrella?

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