Magic Has Always Existed And It Always Will

Magic Has Always Existed And It Always Will

It’s been too long. Too long since I sat down and wrote something that actually meant something to me. I’ve been the worst kind of blogger for so frigging long that I rarely call myself a blogger these days. 

You know when life happens, and it starts being all about the money? 

Well, it has been lately anyway. Taking sponsored posts for the doolah – just so I could fill up a few empty spaces in the blog calendar (and a few empty spaces in my purse) Those sponsored or guest posts have made me write something, anything, for LD, but the reality is, I’ve had NOTHING I’ve wanted to talk about. 

Literally, figuratively, actually, NOTHING. 

I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I mean, life has been going on, obviously, and it’s been nice. Calm, quiet, nothing dramatic (or dramastic for Love Island fans) – it’s been what I needed it to be. After such a long time feeling like I was going round and round on a spin cycle, I’ve really enjoyed the complete calmness of normality. 

But, like Arnie, I’m back! And I’ve made a few decisions about what kind of content I want to produce, what I want to feature, what I want to spend my free time concentrating on. Because that’s what this blog is about really, how can I engage readers when I don’t even care about the words I write? I want people to read my words because it resonates with them, it ticks a few internal boxes and gives them a little bit of food for thought. I want to find like minded people who enjoy the same things I do, people I can bounce ideas off, who can give me inspiration and push my into my own little world a bit more. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I am moon obsessed. OBSESSED. Most of my RL friends and family think I’m nuts – my kids are becoming more and more worried that I’ll end up some crazed hippie lady living in the shed at the end of the (new) garden. I can see them eyeing me when I talk about the moon cycles and how it affects our moods, but, when I ask them how they slept the night of a full moon and they all complain that it was shit/rubbish/I didn’t (delete in order of age appropriateness there!) there’s a tiny peak of interest. 

And that right there is what I want to do. I want to learn about these things so I can talk about them. The moon and its power over our emotions, sleeping patters, cycles. Chakras, how to release deep, hidden feelings that are holding you back from living the life you actually want to live. Crystals, Reiki, essential oils, all of it. It’s like Aladdin’s cave to me – full of sparkly things that I want to touch! 

So I will! 

I’m not claiming to be an expert (yet) on these things, but because they interest me so much, I enjoy learning about them. I could read for hours and have a whole load of books in my Amazon shopping basket. I know people are interested too, and I LOVE that people come to me on Instagram or FB for moon advice – I mean, how cool is that!? 

Very, very fucking cool that’s what it is. 

Oh, and while I’m over here swearing, here’s a heads up. I like to swear. It’s part of who I am, I don’t (generally) sweat *at* people, it’s not done in a nasty way, it’s how I express myself. So I’m gonna be doing a whole load of swearing over here from now on. We shouldn’t have to censor ourselves to please people – if we do – then they’re NOT our people. 

And there we have it. As of today, 16th July 2018 (the moon is in Virgo and it’s a waxing crescent in case you’re interested) Life Daily is going back to it’s old school way of thinking. An online diary, thought dumping ground, learn and share kind of place. 

Which is exactly how I like it. 

Peace out babies. ☾


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