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How to Make the Most Out of your Hallway

How to Make the Most Out of your Hallway

Many homeowners overlook the hallway when it comes to interior design but this is actually one of the most important spaces in the home. It is the first place that people stand when they enter so it helps to form the first impression, plus it is also a space where people either get ready to enter the home or get ready to leave so it needs to be functional too.

Here are a few tips to help you to get more from your hallway.

Maximise Space

You do not want a hallway to feel cramped so you must be smart when it comes to decorating. You can make the space feel larger through the use of neutral colours and through maximising natural lightwith a mirror. You do not want this to be a bland space, meanwhile, so do not shy away from a bold injection of colour which can add visual appeal to the space.


The hallway can be a stressful area if there are not storage solutions in place. Having intelligent storage solutions can help to keep this space free of clutter while also improving the decoration. There are many smart storage solutions to consider, including hooks for coats, cubby holes for keys and other items and a hallway storage bench from somewhere like Cox & Cox. Make sure that everywhere has a home and you will be able to maximise space and keep it neat and tidy


You will also want your personality to be evident from the moment you step in the door so it is an area that needs decorating. You can do this with an interesting piece of artwork or through having a shelf which contains items like photographs, potted plants etc.

Lead Them In

You will want to lead people into the home so that they feel welcome. You can do this through the use of a stair runner which can also add depth and by making sure that there is decoration visible further into the house as opposed to just a series of doors with blank walls.

Add Comfort

Although the hallway is not an area that people spend a large amount of time, it is a space where they spend time putting on/taking off shoes, getting their coats sorted etc. Making the space more comfortable can make this process much easier so, if space permits, furniture like a small sofa or a bench can work well in this space and help it to feel more homely.

The hallway is often an oversight when it comes to interior design but it is actually a highly important space in the home and can make a big difference to your daily life as well as how people perceive your home. These are just a few ideas which should help to elevate your hallway and create a functional and attractive space.


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