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Mercury Retrograde Has Left The Building – For Now

Mercury Retrograde Has Left The Building - For Now

All together now, Thank Funk! 

Hands up if you’ve been feeling like the world is out to get you lately? You know, like forgetting to fill up with petrol, dropping your coffee down your top on the way to work, or putting your keys somewhere and literally drawing a blank as to where that was. I know there are people out there who would call that disorganised, but I like to stick my cosmic hat on, and tell those people, firmly, that, actually, it’s all down to Mercury in its summer retrograde glory. 

The retrograde affects all of us, regardless of your star sign, in the same kind of way. Nothing major, unless you’re really unlucky, but lots of little annoying things that just make your day a little bit harder. Things going missing, bad moods for no reason, mistakes that aren’t usually made. Just enough to make you say “WTF?!” on a daily (or hourly) basis. 

My retrograde happened smack bang in the middle of us moving house. So, you know, fun times. It also happened to time perfectly with a rather large car bill, split between our cars. The ‘loonar’ (see what I did there?) phase started on the 26th July and finally ended on the 19th August. 

So, now, anything that goes wrong is kind of our own fault.

There’s another Mercury Retrograde coming up in November – 17th through until the 6th December – so we have plenty of time to get ourselves sorted and ready for that little bugger. 

Put The Brakes On

The general rule is, don’t start anything new during a retrograde. You know, like moving house. Finish stuff off by all means, it’s a great time to edit and recheck projects but for the love of god, don’t begin something new, including relationships, jobs, decorating projects, just lay like broccoli and forget about it until we’re out of retrograde.  

Mercury Loves You

Ready to divorce all of a sudden? Want to strangle your best mate for no particular reason? *This* close to deleting the group chat? Blame Mercury and the fact that it’s going backwards in all areas of communication. Take a deep breath, step away from the loved ones and press mute on the group chat. You’ll be grateful in two weeks time. 


Yeah, anything that is remotely tech based is going to go arse upwards. Your air con will suddenly disconnect from (should have listened to the mechanic a bit more) thing that runs it, your phone will glitch at.every.single.email and your Now TV will forget that The Affair is your favourite show and mobe it somewhere YOU CAN’T FIND IT. Nothing is working. This is a fact. 

Mercury Retrograde is a royal pain in the arse, but it does have it’s uses, think of it as the universe’s way of making us slow down and go with the flow. Use the two weeks to recharge and switch off from anything that doesn’t really *need* to be happening. Plus, the more you resist the worse it’s going to be. 

Just let it go baby! 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am highly interested in everything mystical, cosmic and slightly woo woo. I’ve hidden my obsession for a fair while but I’ve come to realise that I don’t care if someone thinks I’m crazy, life is too short to be hiding your real self. I’m being ‘authentically me’ and I’m loving it. Judgement is for the Judy’s of the world. I have no time or place for it in my little world, and that’s the way it’s going to stay. 

November, we’re ready for you. 


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