Mia Tui Amelie Bag

A few weeks ago I was sent a product to review that made me *so* happy. My most favourite product in the world.

A bag!!
This bag, made by Mia Tui is a bit different. To start with, its massive! Which means it can be used for loads of different things, travelling, beach, baby/kids, work, overnight, the list is endless!

The inside of the bag I chose (Silver Weave) is bright blue so you can see everything, (I love this feature) waterproof, and has various different pockets. One is the designed for an iPad or 13″ laptop, there’s a phone pocket (right by the zip so you don’t need to open the bag fully to find the phone) an insulated bottle holder, which is actually big enough to fit a cup/bottle (you can tell the designer is a mum!) and a key clip along with some smaller pockets to fill with the usual bits and bobs that clutter the normal bag.

The bag also comes with 2 water resistant clear wallets, which, again, have so many different uses. I’m using mine for the general “emergency” kit needed with two kids, plasters, hand wipes, hairbands, and so on, but they can be used for anything and everything, and there is also small clutch bag in the same material as the large bag. Which can be a make up bag/evening clutch!

This bag is seriously spacious. I struggled to fill it completely and that is saying something! I took it to Brighton for a day trip, and it had everything the Little Man needed, nappies, wipes, juice & spare top. I had my phone, purse & keys, Little Miss’ jumper, I also had a couple of cans of drink, a blanket, suncream, and some snacks in there. And there was still room for more! It is literally like a tardis. It’s a never ending bag of space! I love it!

The lovely Charlotte who designs these bags has just turned 40 (Happy Birthday Mrs!) and she is giving away 4 of these bags at the end of the month! If you want a chance to win one, then simply go here and follow the instructions.

The Amelie bag is available in seven different colourways priced between £49.99 – £54.99 from www.miatui.com



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