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Ready to move house while on holiday?

Ready to move house while on holiday?

Here’s why so many Londoners are moving house whilst on holiday – no joke. 

You’re thinking of moving house in a few months and the feeling of stress is already starting to fill all of your pores. Take a deep breath and remember that it’s a pretty normal feeling to have, you’re not alone.

According to an article on the Telegraph, moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences, with people mentioning that moving house gives them more anxiety than starting a new job, relationship breakdowns, and even divorce.

However, what if I told you that there are ways to reduce the stress of moving to a new house and that you could enjoy a cold Pina Colada in a sunny destination whilst all of your belongings are being moved to your new place? Sounds too good to be true, right? Let me explain. 

So, you’ve found your dream house and paid the deposit. It’s now time to make your moving house checklist with plenty of time in advance. Really Moving have a highly comprehensive and helpful moving house checklist which will help you keep track of everything you need to do before moving.

Moving house

Now would be a good time to do some de-cluttering and get rid of anything that’s unnecessary, unwanted or just old. Then, it’s time to start putting everything away in labelled boxes (and don’t forget to label them by the room you intend them to go to or you’ll be looking for your cutlery in your office supplies boxes). 

If you are worried about forgetting to change all of your post to your new address, it might be a good option to set up the Royal Mail’s redirection service. This service will make sure that all your post will be forwarded from your previous address to your new one.

When you have everything ready, it’s time to call the Squad. Then, pack your bags, get on your plane and enjoy a relaxing holiday while the Handy Squad takes care of everything else for you. No need for a moving day survival kit! 

Moving house

The Handy Squad, a London handyman service, has helped many Londoners have stress-free moves by taking care of their home requirements whilst they are away on holiday. This means tackling any jobs you need, from moving furniture from your old place to your new house and other tasks, including replacing lightbulbs and repairing holes in plaster walls. All of this, so you can have a restful holiday thinking of how when you get back from holiday everything will be done.

Feeling a bit uneasy about having strangers in your house without you being there? There are various ways around your worries. First and most importantly, all tradesmen at the Handy Squad are fully-insured, CRB checked employees with photographic ID – so you can rest assured that your home will be in safe hands. If you are still not sure, why not ask a trusted neighbour or a close friend to check up on the tradesmen from time to time?

A discussion post on Mumsnet focuses on the members’ experiences of having work done around the house while they are away on vacation, highlighting all the advantages and disadvantages of doing this, so if you need some personal opinions – we’d recommend you read this post. 

Ready to move house while sipping on your favourite drink? Easy, give the Squad a call today on 0800-0-12-12-12 or visit the website https://www.handysquad.com/ for more information.


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